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  • t-hld-20.zip
  • 980728 24k 0 ONHOLD Version 2.00 for Terminate 5.0 Programmed with PreScription the script language of Terminate. . Let callers directly download files under definable usernames. Cardware for NON commercial use! ===============

  • ps1214i.zip
  • 980601 150k 1 PKTSecretary v1.21.4 Message filter for the Fido PKT formats 2, 2.2 and 2+. Usable as... - local filter for nodes, points and UseNet GateWays. - remote filter for a sysop and his down links, who can each configure the filter completely by themselv

  • tmatc13f.zip
  • 980318 248k 1 -=[ Tag-O-Matic ]=- Version 13F (The 'F' for Fixed) The incredibly fast, featured and FREE tagtool, reformatter, sig adder, message fiddler and tea-maker. V.13F is a bugfix release. -[DOS Freeware by Simon Avery]-

  • tm-area.zip
  • 980110 14k 0 Converts TERMAIL's TM.BBS to AREAS.BBS to be read by the GOLDED Message Reader. Allows you to use Golded with Terminate instead of TerMAIL. Released as FREEWARE by Simon Avery and includes source code.