Win_FDN/: Winserver

File name         Date  kB      Dlds Description

  • QWKN160.ZIP
  • 141019 5k 0 wcQWKnet v1.60 - QWK by FTP script for Wildcat! Interactive Net Server by Robert Wolfe of Flying Penguin Software and Omicron Theta BBS.

  • WC6CW10.ZIP
  • 141019 9k 0 CatWal 1.0 - Graffiti wall for Wildcat! 6 and 7 Coding by Robert Wolfe

  • 140102 2k 0 IP.CAN Mod for Wildcat! Interactive Net Server Mod Version 1.00 Writted by Robert Wolfe Host BBS: Omicron Theta

  • WC5AA10.ZIP
  • 131209 15k 0 Attitude Assessment/WINS v1.0 Have you ever wondered what other people think about you? AA/WINS is a WINServer port of the popular FreeWare door by CheepWare and Sean Dennis. This port was built by Robert Wolfe of Omicron Theta BBS.