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  • ter110.zip
  • 000527 775k 3 -=> TERMINATE - The final terminal! <=- On-line help for novices & the advanced features and flexibility that experts require! Fido-net point system, fax support, cost manager, hostmode, IEMSI logins, CD-Audio Player, system info, voicecalls. Superb file manager boasts tagging and requests. Great translation /keyboard editor: load keymap/table for each phone book entry! Version 1.10

  • 400ter.zip
  • 960419 1394k 8 Terminate 4.0

  • 0170ter1.zip
  • 950502 559k 2 --==< TERMINATE 1.70 Gamma, file 3 of 3 >==-- RIPscrip (TM) 1.54 graphics for both terminal *and* the integral QWK'em offline mailreader means this is the most *comprehensive* comms. program available. If you've never tried the beauty of *full colour* online graphics and a point and click interface then download this! More than *200* different modem entries make installation a breeze. This 3rd file of four is optional to complete a full installation.

  • 0170ter2.zip
  • 950502 548k 3 --==< TERMINATE 1.70 Gamma, file 2 of 3 >==-- Fax Manager receives Fax, Fido Mailer OR Data calls to IEMSI & ANSI/Avatar MiniHost with an adaptive answer modem on a single phone line! Translation, Keyboard and Faxfont editor (inc cyrillic & arabic). Scan and use ALL your VGA modes. Supports ISDN, Fossil, Network, HSLink BiModem. Background to "Project Cain"includes BO$WELCH.TXT and LIAR_WOO.DS. File 2 of 4 and BOTH files 1 & 2 are needed for installation!

  • 0170ter3.zip
  • 950502 473k 3 --==< TERMINATE 1.70 Gamma, file 1 of 3 >==-- *FREEWARE* Internet comms terminal with multi task-windows under DOS, OS/2 Warp or Windows. Speeds up to 115,200 bps while using integral QWK'em mail reader, file navigating or just playing its' own TETRIS game or a CD. IEMSI. Powerful REXX-like Script Language. SmartPad, MouseMenu(TM). Comprehensive Fax Manager and cost management incl. Long Distance Carriers, Zmodem, Compuserve B+, Kermit and Voicecalls!