File name         Date  kB      Dlds Description

  • bayesian.zip
  • 210623 9k 1 Naive Bayesian Classification for Golang. Perform naive Bayesian classification into an arbitrary number of classes on sets of strings.

  • goml.zip
  • 210623 275k 1 On-line Machine Learning in Go (and so much more) https://github.com/cdipaolo/goml

  • gobrain.zip
  • 210623 6k 1 Neural Networks written in go The version 1.0.0 includes just basic Neural Network functions such as Feed Forward and Elman Recurrent Neural Network. https://github.com/goml/gobrain

  • CldFrst.zip
  • 210623 186k 1 Ensembles of decision trees in go/golang. Fast, flexible, multi-threaded ensembles of decision trees for machine learning in pure Go (golang). CloudForest allows for a number of related algorithms for classification, regression, feature selection and structure analysis on heterogeneous numerical / categorical data with missing values.

  • shield.zip
  • 210623 17k 1 Bayesian text classifier with flexible tokenizers and storage backends for Go. Shield is a bayesian text classifier with flexible tokenizer and backend store support Currently implements Redis backend, English tokenizer