File name         Date  kB      Dlds Description

  • gst.zip
  • 140918 22k 0 gst: Go bindings for GStreamer https://github.com/ziutek/gst

  • gmf.zip
  • 140918 77k 0 gmf: Go bindings for FFmpeg av* libraries. https://github.com/3d0c/gmf

  • codec.zip
  • 140918 6k 0 aac/h264 - Golang aac/h264 encoder and decoder. https://github.com/go-av/codec

  • go-sox.zip
  • 140716 15k 0 gosox "SoX - Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation" Go bindings for the libsox sound library https://github.com/krig/go-sox

  • vorbis.zip
  • 140716 48k 0 vorbis A "native" ogg vorbis decoder for Go (uses inline stb_vorbis). This Go package provides a "native" ogg vorbis decoder, but still requires cgo, as it uses inline code from stb_vorbis. Someday, it won't. https://github.com/mccoyst/vorbis

  • flac.zip
  • 140716 11k 0 A Free Lossless Audio Codec decoder in Go. https://github.com/eaburns/flac