IFDC FileGate: ECF Util

File name         Date  kB      Dlds Description

  • efb2fbbs.RAR
  • 010331 12k 0 Ezycom v2.00 File Base To FILES.BBS Generator v0.01

  • ENG_103.ZIP
  • 070902 20k 0 EzyNews v1.03 ------------- EzyNews is a news bulletin generator for Ezycom v2.15g0 and above. It now has fully configurable colours and creates both the computer paper and banner screens in ANS, AVT, ASC and ASL formats. (Rip not available yet). In banner mode, it can use up to 6 different box styles. Maintenance, either manually or from a batch file is now activated. FREEWARE from CenturyP Software

  • ETI_V280.EXE
  • 030306 153k 1 EzyTicIt v2.8.0 - Tick Processor for Ezycom BBS and others.

  • ETI_V303.EXE
  • 100315 198k 0 EzyTicIt v3.03. TIC processor for Ezycom.

  • EZYM2001.ARJ
  • 010226 139k 0 New Ezymail, Ezypack & Ezynet msg utils for Ezycom. Fixes year 2000/2001 date problems.