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 File name     Date    kB  Dlds  Description     000701 3317k    0 Language Manager for Multilizer. Language
                                Manager can edit both file dictionaries as well
                                as ODBC database dictionaries (if ODBC is
                                installed) and BDE dictionaries (if BDE is
                                installed). 000630 1746k    0 MULTILIZER for Visual Basic 16-bit. Multilizer
                                is family of tools providing a complete
                                software localization solution for variety of
                                development environments: Visual Basic, Delphi,
                                C++Builder, JBuilder, Visual J++ and Java. The
                                MULTILIZER approach streamlines the exchange
                                and reuse of translations across different
                                development environments.   950117  352k    0 assembly-language toolbox v1.08 for vb dos.
                                includes stand-alone & quick libraries of
                                hundreds of routines which you can link to
                                vbdos pr 940710  179k    0 czarlist v1.01 (asp)custom controls for vbdos.
                                listbox controls use   950223  179k    0 two libraries for vb. dxf-in to display 2d dxf
                                files in a standard vb picture control &
                                turbodxf library to create dxf files. 951204  102k    0 k-install for dos v2.3 by ark angles - a
                                powerful, versatile and robust installation
                                program for both dos and windows software.
                                handles multi disk and partial installs,
                                archive unpacking, replace or append to files,
                                autoexec.bat, config.sys, ini file and program
                                manager updating, comprehensive un- install,
                                and lots more! highly customisable, with
                                attractive screens. professional edition also
                                available. 980104  112k    0 personal communications library for vbdos.
                                (, dec 97, ver 6.1, [asp].
                                supports thru com20 to 115200, 4 ports
                                concurrently, many dumb multiport boards,
                                16550, 16650, 16750 uarts, interrupt driven,
                                rts/cts flow control, any uart address and irq.
                                requires visual basic for dos (vbdos). by
                                marshallsoft computing. $85  s&h. 990130  115k    0 Personal Communications Library for VBDOS.
                                (PCL4VB62.ZIP), Jan 99, Ver 6.2, [ASP].
                                Supports thru COM20 to 115200, 4+ ports
                                concurrently, many dumb multiport boards,
                                16550, 16650, 16750 UARTs, interrupt driven,
                                RTS/CTS flow control, any UART address and IRQ.
                                Requires Visual Basic for DOS (VBDOS). By
                                MarshallSoft Computing. $85 + S&H.       951217  349k    0 windows hosted install compress disk
                                distribution setup program builder visual c
                                visual basic vb vc version 4.00 (1500 d/loads)
                                swreg #4153 a win 3.1 utility for creating
                                professional looking installation procedures.
                                simple installs in less than 10 minutes! fully
                                automated with optional components. handles
                                multiple disks / splitting, compression, modify
                                .ini files, version/overwrite checking,
                                backdrops, standard 3d look, branding, pm
                                groupsicons, registry, de-install, vb .mak
                                import. true multi-tasking installations.
                                highly tailorable via optional script code. if
                                it can be copied, sb will install it! uploaded
                                by the author 960122    2k    0 this .zip file contains the basic source code
                                for a routine to  calculate the soundex code of
                                a string. it's been tested to work  without
                                modification with microsoft basic pds, vbdos
                                and vbwin  (up to v3.0). it should work with
                                most other compilers with little or no 
                                modification too. freeware.   960121   28k    0 a collection of qb 4 functions to assist in
                                controlling your qb program. determines system
                                hardware, helps manage file/path i/o.  detect
                                on-line modem, printer, network connection.
                                handle single floppy disk systems, door open
                                errors.  inter-app communications.  qbasic
                                option provided. all in qb source.  no assembly
                                language. freeware. 970324  191k    0 svgapv.lib-ver 2.5-is a high-res, 256-color
                                graphics library for microsoft pds/vbdos. it
                                recognizes 20 svga cards and vesa in 640x480,
                                800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 modes. 
                                capabilities: hardware id, simple primitives,
                                fills, 2d/3d points, joystick/mouse support,
                                pcx encode/decode, paging, xms, palettes,
                                bitmaps and sprites. 000101  202k    0 SVGAPV.LIB-ver 2.6 is a high-res, 256-color
                                graphics library for Microsoft PDS/VBDOS. It
                                recognizes 20+ SVGA cards and VESA in 640x480,
                                800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 modes. 
                                Capabilities: hardware id, simple primitives,
                                fills, 2D/3D points, joystick/mouse support,
                                PCX encode/decode, paging, XMS, palettes,
                                bitmaps and sprites.      950126   66k    0 collection of routines for developing programs
                                employing screen mode 12 in either qb or vbdos