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  Editorial         ....................Editor's rants/raves (2)
  News: New Members (Z1) .............A list of new members! (3)
        Returning Members (Z1)..........Old friends come back(3)
        Demise of the ZoneGates..............................(4)
  Feature: Midnight Callers: ........What some users will do
                                      to connect to a bbs :) (5)
           2008 Cooking Echo Picnic ............Oh! the Food!(8)
  EchoAds: CATS_MEOW Echo ......................kitties/dogs (13)
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  This has been a really bad week for me.. My favorite dog in
  the world, my 13 year old black labrador retriever has been
  diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis.  What that means is her
  larynx does not open and close properly to let air in and 
  out at the top of her throat and so the dog isn't able to
  always get air down her throat or into her lungs. It's
  sickening.  There is a surgery for this condition which
  will possibly extend her life somewhat but it costs about
  2500-3000 dollars in US dollars.  Hardly affordable in this
  economy or even perhaps in any economy :(  So we do our
  best to keep her calm when it hits and try to keep her cool
  (dogs pant to cool off, and they can't do that with this
  condition of course).  As we were finding out about my
  labrador, my 5 year old kitty Tina, also suddenly took ill
  for no reason we could figure.. she must have eaten something
  outside that was really bad for her.. within two days she
  was dead.  We hardly had time to notice poor Tina's
  condition because of my dog's panic attacks when she was
  struggling for air.. though Ron and I did both mention to
  each other that come Monday we'd have to get Tina to the
  Vet as well.. poor kitty didn't even make it that long.

  So it's with all this baggage that I'm taking over as
  editor of FidoGazette.  I'm tired of people asking me where
  the next issue is.. I'm tired of trying to figure out where
  it is myself!  We'll try to keep the issues coming.  May
  not be great issues, but I'm not such a bad writer I think
  (grin).  If YOU think you can keep up with the job and you
  seriously are willing to DO the job, feel free to contact
  me.  Let's talk.

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New Members
By Janis Kracht


New SysOps  -- Welcome to FidoNet!


Region 15 Dean Seele

Region 12 Derek Mullin

Region 14 Gordon Jones

Region 11 Dennis Vandall

Region 11 Timothy Wray

Region 16 Pat Williams


Returning SysOps --  Welcome back!!


Region 12 Frank Linhares

Region 12 Dan Gosbee


In the works!


R18: Chandler Scotland Bailey

R18: John Merritt

I may have lost some records regarding new applications via

filegate.net sadly enough.. I'll keep digging, though.

I've been having a rough time with my gentoo box enough to

have to do a complete reinstall one day probably very soon.

Bah humbug.. that's what happens when you don't run stable

I guess.. haha Yeah, Benny, I know I know, but it's so

daring and exciting (vbg) :)

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In this day and age of internet connectivity, we rarely use

Zonegates and I doubt many of you even know how to route

nemail using them :).  Examining my logs I see the last

time anyone use the Zonegate to Zone 2 at 1:1/2 was in

2008.  The last time anyone use the Zonegate to Zone 3 at

1:1/3 was in 2007.  We have direct connections to the other

zones and have had these direct connections for a very long

time.  Part of that is because of the FileGate distribution

carrying over into echomail and netmail distribution.. the

'one-stop-shopping' idea .. For instance, Zone 3 gets all

of its files as a FileGate HUB over here and also swaps

echomail and netmail back and forth, same with the other

zones.  Also playing into it, is the plethora of

independant connections between systems and domains.. So

really we don't need those Zonegates the way we did years

and years ago when telephone lines controlled our pockets.

With this idea in mind, I brought up the question of the ZCs

removing all of the ZoneGates.. it would not make sense if only

some of us continued to use them.

No one had a problem with their removal, so they will be removed

this coming week.

They are these nodes at the top of the nodelist, 1:1/2, 1:1/3,

1:1/4, and 1:1/5:







Janis, Z1C

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Featured Articles:
"Midnight Callers"

By Janis Kracht, 1:261/38

As I was sitting at my system Friday night, I noticed my

modem announcing a caller dialing in..

Curious, since we all know this is not such a common event

these days, I decided to stick around - hey, he or she

might need some help.. after all, I run a totally boring

linux box here (grin).  I watched as "Mike" logged in with

no ANSI emulation and wondered if he knew that it was

available.. I decided to go back to what I was working on

and check back on him later to give him a chance to check

the system out on his own.. I knew sometimes people liked

to just browse around and 'discover' areas of a bbs on

their own in their own time, so off I went to another

session of my system.

In case you are not aware, linux has multiple Desktops on

your monitor, stretching across the top of your screen in

small boxes. In other words, by clicking on any of those

boxes, you can switch to any other desktop and use that

desktop instead of the other ones while the previous one is

still running.. Sort of like a DOS box in OS/2 or Windows..

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Midnight Callers, Continued               FidoGazette March 2009

but nicer I think (of course (grin)). And that's what I


Later, I came back to the BBS sessions in my BBS Desktop,

and saw that mike was trying to run some Doors, and not

having much success.  I don't have many doors on my bbs

because BBBS/LiI, the software I'm running is a little

ornery in that department though I have gotten some to run.

Anyway, I could see that he was having problems.. certainly

some require that you have ANSI enabled, so I decided to

try to pull him into chat.. which of course requires ansi

as well :(

BBBS does however have a neat feature however which allows

you to IM users much like ICQ, with the MSG command.. so I

sent a MSG to Mike:

          MSG Mike:  Hi there :)  Do you

                     have Ansi on your

                     computer? If not you

                     won't be able to use

                     many of the games :(

Mike then told me that he was a using a data terminal.. he had

no ANSI. He just wanted to chat. I said that was fine

with me, I hadn't had a user who was interested in chatting

in quite a while :) I have other phone modem users.. they

generally log in, grab FidoNews, or FidoGazette, or the

nodelist, or the latest greatest software - that kind of

thing, and then log off .. I don't mind, and that seems to

be what they want.  But it's been a while since I've seen

users who like to 'hang around' if you know what I mean.  I

suppose part of that is.  Prism has changed a bit over the

years in that there aren't that many online games that used

to draw users like Scrabble (darn! I did love that one

(grin)) or Global Wars!.. or Yatztee :) I have a million

projects I've started in linux to redo those games in

linux.. one of these days I'll finish them .. maybe.

Mike mentioned then that he wasn't so interested in playing

games really.. but if I had any adventure games that would

be cool since he was running Linux as well.

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Midnight Callers, Continued          FidoGazette March, 2009

Here's a clip of our chat, at least from his side, you can

see what he was seeing pretty much:

   23:29 MIKE STANTON: sorry I am on a data terminal and it is
                       printing everything on paper
      (Janis: That must look weird! I'm running Gentoo Linux here
       Janis: with a phone modem and telnet nodes as well)

   23:30 MIKE STANTON: yeah it does. but it is working
   23:30 MIKE STANTON: msg janis
   23:30 MIKE STANTON: awesome 1200 baud here
   23:31 MIKE STANTON: msg janis
   23:31 MIKE STANTON: mostly debian and some redhat/suse

He was at a friend's house who had this terminal and was

using his phone line. Mike and I talked about programming

and his hopes to become a developer. He's 18.. he'd quit

school and working toward getting his high school degree

and getting into college.  I gave his some pointers for

that one .. my own sister quit when she was 16 and combined

HS and college at a local jr. colleg and ended in Medical

School so he was encouraged by hearing that. He's worked in

php, Java, perl, some C++.. somehow I don't think he'll

have any problems finding work - which is so great.  We talked about

programming quite a bit.. and at one point, Mike Mike had

to log off and change the roll of paper.. that must have

been a little pia, but he didn't seem to mind at all.

Just then his friend came over and introduced himself, and

(Page 7)

Midnight Callers, Continued           FidoGazette  March, 2009

this was so funny.. his friend said,

    00:37 MIKE STANTON: msg janis

    00:37 MIKE STANTON: hello, this is a friend of mike's

    00:37 MIKE STANTON: msg janis
    00:37 MIKE STANTON: my name is dan. he is at my house at
                        the moment using my phone line

     0:38 MIKE STANTON: msg janis

     00:39 MIKE STANTON: i''m also a linux user. he converted me
     about a year after i met him

     00:39 MIKE STANTON: msg janis

     00:40 MIKE STANTON: oh, and between yo and me, his name is
                         not mike- it's actually Will

I laughed so hard, I thought I'd die at that point!!!!!!

The more things change the MORE they stay the SAME! HOW

many years has it been since BBS's have been around??? and

users have been lying about their real names LOL - sorry I

just thought it was so funny :) :) It didn't bother me, it

just cracked me up :)

Then Mike.. er Will haha.. asked me if I'd like a picture

of their terminal so I could see what they were seeing

exactly.. I said Sure :) So they sent me a jpg of the

terminal.. absolutely outrageous.. more like a typewriter

than anything :).. a true data terminal.  Dan had mentioned

in our chat that Will had traded several of his servers for

that data terminal (he's got other linux systems) because

he valued it so much and I could see why :) They'll

probably call back this weekend.. I told them I'd try to

get an adventure game installed :)

I better get on it :)

See included photos of the terminal: