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    News from the Z1C..........................................(2)
    New and Returning Members..................................(2)
    The Old School Toolbox:  Trim your quotes please!..........(3)
    Food: End of Summer Chilli.................................(4)
    New Echo on the BackBone...................................(5)
    Fidonet Compatible Software List
    BBS/Mailers/Utilities List.................................(6)
    FidoGazette BBS List.......................................(7)
    Info (Where to Send Articles)..............................(8)
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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010

    I've discussed Facebook or some aspects of it here in FidoGazette
    before...  we've all seen the headlines of moments when FaceBook's
    controls were changed to reduce the number of people and companies that
    can gain access to your private information.  If your information is
    available to anyone, essentially (it would seem), that is your own
    Speaking about Privacy and FaceBook in January this year, owner Mark
    Zuckerberg said that the 'age of privacy is over' in that privacy was
    no longer a "social norm".  He noted how many people on facebook posted
    private information, etc., with no concerns.
    It was therefore worth a laugh to read a report by Reuters news agency
    _this_ week:

    "Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg says a lawsuit by a man
    who claims to own a huge chunk of the popular social networking website
    is seeking to uncover unnecessary details about his private life to
    harass him."
    Now what is it with Mr. Zuckerberg?  Is it that the peons of this world
    don't need to have their privacy upheld, but people like Zuckerberg who
    owns a company now worth several billion dollars do?  Doesn't he see
    the folly in his situation?  I sure do..  so do some on the web who've
    commented about his lawsuit against Paul Ceglia who says he's a part
    owner of Facebook..  No one knows what information Mr.  Ceglia has been
    digging up about Zuckerberg, but it will be interesting to see where
    this case goes.  A hearing on Ceglia's lawsuit is set for October 13. 
    The case is Ceglia v.  Zuckerberg et al, U.S.  District Court, Western
    District of New York, No.  10-00569.

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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010

    Notes From The Z1C
    I'm encouraged yet again by the number of new or returning SysOps we've
    seen this month.  Hopefully their entry in the nodelist will be soon.

    New/Returning SysOps:
    In the Works:
    Last Month:
    Eric Oulashin              R 17 Eugene, OR  ............still waiting
    Shanta McBain              R 17 Enderby, BC  ...........still waiting
    Sam Bright                 R 17 Wasilla, AK  ...........still waiting
    John Meeks                 R 18 Nashville, TN ..........sysop working 
                                                            on it.

    New since last month:
    Jesse Cussins              R 10 Las Vegas, Nevada 
    Jason McManus              R 10             (should be in this week)
    Michael Capp               R 11 1:120/602   (should be in this week)
    Harvey Simpson             R 18 Joelton, TN      "
    Kris Jones                 R 18 Clearwater, FL   "
    Christopher D. Coccimiglio R 12 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    Robert Ridigns             Z3, New Zealand

    Page 2

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010

    The Old School Toolbox
    By Richard Webb, 1:116/901

                    Trim your quotes please!

    Okay, I understand, I've just about hammered the emergency backup plan
    theme into the ground here in this column, so let's have a look at
    another facet of life online which has its roots in the bbs networking
    world.  Yeah you there, I see you stifling that yawn and looking for
    the page down key.  Don't touch that button yet.

    Not just is this relevant in the world of fidonet, but also for those
    of us who are denizens of usenet.  Yah I know, there's that finger
    looking for that button again.  Don't touch that button, stay with me

    Alright, you in the back row, I know what you're going to ask already. 
    Why is this important?  After all, we don't pay to move mail on dial up
    lines with the meter running.  Most of us don't, but there are some
    places in the world where they still do, both on good ol' fido
    possibly, and on usenet.

    Also consider that poor guy who's accessing on his mobile, often with a
    plan which causes the meter to go tick tick whenever he's connected. 
    But, he wants his usenet or echomail fix.  Yes, here again, if he's
    gotta have it that bad, let 'im pay for it.

    Fine, but he shouldn't have to pay for quoted software brag lines and
    other detritus that isn't relevant content.  Be kind to him.  After
    all, he may just have the answer to that burning question you really
    gotta have answered, which is why you posted it.  Give the guy a breakk
    will ya!

    Yes, I know, some of the newer denizens of our world got their start on
    email groups where everybody just top posted their comments, leaving
    the quoted message just hanging there doing nothing but taking up
    space.  The best email lists I'm on encourage usenet and fidonet like
    behaviors, i.e.  either quote relevant portions, intersperse your
    comments and nuke the unwanted/unneeded portions or not quoting at all. 
    Others, well they just let it hang there.

    Properly quoting the message or article to which you are replying aids
    in readability.  I can, for example, if the thread is quite familiar
    and recent, set my screenreader to filter out any text with a > on that
    line, which effectively filters out the quotes, (sometimes it works
    better than others) and that helps me speed through new mail a little
    quicker, getting to the good stuff.  IF I'm not sure about a comment
    and its context I can turn off "filter quoting" or just use my speech
    cursor to read the quoted text.  Still, judicious quoting of only the
    relevant material means that I'm not as likely to use this feature.

    Then there's the guy who just has to tell you about every email address
    and social networking site he's on.  Half his message is his facebook
    info, his twitter account pointer, email ad, personal web page, etc. 
    Then here comes a guy replying to him that leaves all this, including
    his software brag line, and the origin line of his host system.  What's
    next, quoting path and seen-by lines?

    If I'm forced to use an editor online which is cumbersome to use I'll
    not quote anything, and try to write my message in a way that the
    context of my comments is obvious.  Some online editors are just
    cumbersome to use.  But, for those using some of the more popular
    offline readers or nntp clients to access fidonet the message editors
    they offer are quite user friendly.  Most have an easy facility to
    define a block of text, then nuke it with a keystroke.

    So, sysops, please help educate your users on good netiquette.  It'll
    help them on usenet as well as in our echoes.  Users, please have a
    look at your favorite software's docs, and figure out how to work with
    blocks of text.  If you find the default editor your offline reader
    brings up is a little cumbersome have another look at the docs.  Many,
    if not most will allow you to define another text editor which works
    under the same or a similar operating system.  I.e.  Blue Wave and
    Silver Xpress both allow you to configure the reader to call a text
    editor of *your* choice when you enter a message, or reply to one.

    Though the major mail movers are moving mail on the internet the guy
    who'd like to have fidonet mail to read while on the commuter train
    might just decide that downloading his fidonet echomail is a better
    option while waiting at the terminal if we're all kind to him.  Also, a
    few folks who don't have reasonably priced internet and must pay toll
    charges to access a bbs might at least stop by occasionally for their
    echomail fix.


    Page 3

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010
    F  O  O  D      Even sysops have to eat!
    By Janis Kracht, 1:261/38
    Want to contribute something here?  Send your submission to fidogazette
    'at' filegate.net or email janis at filegate.net, or janis kracht at
    1:261/38 (binkp filegate.net) and it will get published here in the
    next issue :)
    ==End of Summer Chili==
    This fiery chili is great served with sweet pineapple chunks as a
    condiment, and with a side dish of small macaroni, or rice.  At the
    barbecue, it's great added to hot dogs for chili dogs with plenty of
    chopped onions and shredded cheddar cheese.
    2 pounds hamburger
    1 pound pork breakfast sausage links, cut in half
    2 large (28-ounce) cans whole Italian tomatoes   
    2 cans red kidney beans
    2 onions, chopped
    6 cloves garlic, chopped
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne
    2 Tablespoons chili powder
    1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes or more to taste
    1 tablespoon basil
    1 tablespoon oregano
    2 green peppers, chopped
    1 teaspoon pepper, or more to taste
    1 teaspoon salt, or more to taste  
    [Optional: Pineapple chunks, cheddar cheese]
    In a large soup pot, saute the onions and garlic, then add the chili
    powder, cayenne and red pepper flakes.  Don't let the spices burn.
    Add the hamburger and sausage pieces, stirring well to flavor the meat
    with the seasonings.
    Add the tomatoes, green peppers, salt, pepper, basil and oregano.  Add
    the beans and crush a few on the side of the pot.  Bring to a boil, and
    then reduce the heat to low.  Simmer until thick and flavorful.
    Page 4

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010
    New Echo Launched
    By Janis Kracht
    An interesting echo has been started by one of the users on my bbs,
    Rick Ekstrom.  His echo which originates here is named ESOPMEN.  It was
    listed on backbone.na this sunday, so your uplink should be carrying it
    soon if not already.
    TagName: ESPOMEN    
    Here is Rick's initial comment in the echo in case you missed it:

     * Originally Posted by Rick Eckstrom
     * Originally Posted in the ESOPMEN Echo

    This forum was created especially with American Mensa Esperantists in
    mind, but for now at least I'm keeping it open for anyone interested in

    I hope that in the future there will be some lively conversations here,
    entirely in Esperanto (on any topic that in my opinion is reasonably
    tasteful), but it's also a place where people can learn about
    Esperanto, asking questions in English, and perhaps just a little bit
    to get you started, from other languages.  Beginning Esperanto
    materials are available in lots and lots of other langauges, we can
    probablly find you plenty of things in yours.

    Who knows, somebody here might even know your language well enough to
    help you get started learning ours!  I personally might be up to faking
    some German, Swedish, possibly even Spanish and a few other things. 
    But I don't promise much beyond Esperanto and English.  And anything
    over a few words that is not in Esperanto or English, please arrange to
    show translations into one or both of them.

    Also, please stick to the alphabet commonly used for American English. 
    For languages like German and Swedish that have marks over the letters
    where that can't be done in US-ASCII, I suggest using archaic
    spellings, like OE for the last letter in the Swedish alphabet (O with
    two dots, aka O Umlaut).

    Actually, that's a problem for Esperanto itself, which has 28 letters
    (everythings always spelled exactly the way it sounds), six of which
    look mainly like duplicates of other familiar letters, but with a
    supersign on top (five of them carats, one a breve).  Since I can't
    overstrike in ASCII, we need to use a digraph (two letters to represent
    one sound, something that otherwise never happens in Esperanto).

    There have been several variations on substitutes for Esperanto
    Supersigns where the character set won't support them.  Since I started
    reading more Esperanto journals from around the world, I personally
    have shifted to the standard used for electronic delivery of the plain
    ASCII version of most of them, at least the ones available through
    Esperanto-USA, or UEA (the Universal Esperanto Association, which
    represents the whole world).

    PDF versions are typically also available, along with traditional
    hardcopy by snail mail, but not everyone can read PDF, so ASCII is
    still out there (and usually fits in much smaller files!)

    Anyway, what those magazines use is "ikso formo": that is, X-form. 
    Since X isn't normally a part of the Esperanto alphabet, an X is placed
    after another letter to represent the sound.  For example, what in
    English is the "CH" sound, in Esperanto looks like a C with a
    circumflex: a carat over it: also sometimes called a hat, an
    up-arrowhead, exponent sign, or capital 6.  H is already used for the H
    sound, so it's not available, and X is used instead.  The "C hat" gets
    written as CX.  BTW, hat is an English word, don't expect non-english
    speaking Esperantists to know it by that name.

    But in here where the style will be more one of friendly-Chat than of
    ready-for-a-peer-reviewed-journal, I don't expect to be a stickler over
    that.  All of the variations I've seen are clear enough in context. 
    One of our Mensperantists, first name Sherry, in ASCII Esperanto spells
    her name S'eri.  I think that's beautiful, and I don't have any
    objection to her using it here.

    BTW, the name Mensperanto itself -- a previous SIG co-ordinator changed
    it to that, from the previous Espermenso.  Both names have merit, but I
    kept Mensperanto because it contains the esperanto word

    "peranto", that is:  per = by means of; ant = active agent; o = (noun) 

     someone or something which serves as a means by which something gets

     Works for me!

    Page 5

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010

    I'm frequently asked by folks either just joining or coming back to
    Fidonet about what software options there are these days for Fidonet
    nodes.  This is a list of Fidonet compatible software put together by
    Robert Couture, who was one of our past SysOps, RC, and FileGate HUB. 
    I've updated it a bit and will try to catch any other bad links in this
    file.  Feel free to send me updates, or better yet, if you'd like to
    take over this list and submit the list for publication, just let me
    know :) :)

    Fidonet Compatible BS Software List

	Originally by Robert Couture, 
	Updated by Janis Kracht, August, 2010

	         Type: M=Mailer  T=Tosser  B=BBS  D=Door  C=Comm/Terminal
	               P=Points  E=Editor  I=Internet  U=Utility  ?=Info

     .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.
     |Software: Author     |Type |URL, Contact, Ver, Notes      Help Node|
     `- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -'

      Argus                |MI   |http://www.ritlabs.com/argus/  2:469/84
                           |     | argus@ritlabs.com  Tel: 373-2-246889
                           |     | v3.210 on Mar 20th 2001
      BinkleyTerm XE       |M    |http://btxe.sourceforge.net     1:1/102
                           |     | v2.60XE/Gamma-6 on Nov 11th 1998
      BinkD                |MI   |http://2f.ru/binkd/
                           |     | maloff@corbina.net
                           |     | v0.94 on Jul 24th 2000 (Outdated)
      BinkD                |     |http://www.filegate.net/r50/aftnbinkd/
      FIDO-Deluxe IP       |MPUI |http://www.fido-deluxe.de.vu 2:2432/280
       Michael Haase       |     | m.haase@gmx.net
                           |     | v2.4 on Sep 26th 2003
      FrontDoor, FD/APX:   |MITPC|http://www.defsol.se          2:201/330
       Definite Solutions  |     | sales@defsol.se                1:1/101
                           |     | v2.26SW & v2.33ml FD, v1.15 APX
      Husky Project        |MTPUI|http://sf.net/projects/husky/
                           |     | v1.4 RC2 on Sep 22nd 2003
      Radius               |MI   |http://radius.pp.ru           2:5012/38
      (based on Argus)     |     | fido5012@zaural.net Tel: 7-3522-469463
                           |     | Last Release: v4.010 on Jan 3nd 2005
      Taurus               |MI   |http://filegate.net/taurus/
                           |     |http://www.fidotel.com/taurus (English)
      (based on Radius)    |     | E-mail: taurus@rinet.ru
                           |     | v5.000 alpha on Oct 11th 2004
      T-mail               |MI   |http://www.tmail.spb.ru  v2608
                           |     | Website is in Russian only
      WildCat! Interactive |MTBEI|http://www.santronics.com
       Net Server, Platinum|     | sales@santronics.com
       Xpress: Santronics  |     | Tel: (305) 248-3204
       Software, Inc.      |     | AUP 451.1 on April 26th 2004
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      Fidogate             |TUI  |http://www.fidogate.org
                           |     | Martin_Junius@m-j-s.net  v4.4.10
      FMail                |T    |http://fmail.nl.eu.org
                           |     | support@fmail.nl.eu.org  v1.60
      JetMail: JetSys      |TU   |http://www.jetsys.de  js@jetsys.de
       (ATARI ST only)     |     | v1.01 on Jan 1st 2000
      Squish               |T    |http://maximus.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | Lanuis site redirects to above
                           |     | Squish is part of Maximus.
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      BBBS                 |BI   |http://www.bbbs.net  b@bbbs.net
                           |     | v4.01 February 2007   2:22/222

      ELEBBS: The Elevator |B    |http://www.elebbs.com
       Software Production |     | elebbs@elebbs.com
                           |     | v0.10.RC1 on Jun 9th 2002
     EzyCom BBS            |BT   |http://www.ezycom-bbs.com
                           |     |ezycom@amnet.net.au
                           |     |ezycom@westnet.com.au    3:690/682
                           |     |v0.10.RC1 on Jun 9th 2002

      Hermes II Project    |B    |http://www.hermesii.org
                           |     | info@HermesII.org  v3.5.9 Beta Final

      Maximus BBS          |B    |http://maximus.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | v3.03 (source)
                           |     |Archives online at:
                           |     |http://filegate.net/maxfdn/

      MBSE BBS:            |BI   |http://mbse.sourceforge.net  2:280/2802
       Michiel Broek       |     | mbroek@users.sourceforge.net
                           |     | v0.60.0 on June 5th 2004

      Mystic BBS           |B    |http://www.mysticbbs.com
                           |     | v1.07.3 on May 13th 2001

      Nexus BBS            |B    |http://www.nexusbbs.net
                           |     | groberts@nexusbbs.net
                           |     | v0.99.41-Beta on Oct 16th 2002
                           |     | [Note: No Longer under active
                           |     |  development.]
      RemoteAccess BBS:    |B    |http://www.rapro.com            1:1/120
       Bruce Morse               | bfmorse@rapro.com
                           |     | v2.62.2SW

      Spitfire BBS: Buffalo|B    |http://www.buffalocrk.com/
       Creek Software      |     | MDWoltz@aol.com             1:1/150
                           |     | v3.6 on Aug 20th 1999
      Synchronet BBS       |BT   |http://www.synchro.net
                           |     | sysop(at)vert(dot)synchro(dot)net
                           |     | v3.10L Beta
      Telegard BBS         |B    |http://www.telegard.net
                           |     | support@telegard.net
                           |     | v3.09g2 SP4
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      Atlantis Software    |D    |http://www.jimmyrose.com/atlantis/
                           |     | Last Update: August 2004
      Cheepware            |DU   |http://nsbbs.info/cheepware.html  1:18/200
       Sean Dennis         |     |dialup at (423) 926-7999 
                           |     |or via telnet at nsbbs.darktech.org
      DDS (Doorware        |D    |http://www.doorgames.org     1:2404/201
       Distribution System)|     | ruth@doorgames.org
       Ruth Argust         |     |
      DoorMUD              |D    |http://doormud.com
                           |     | v0.98 Jun 1st 2002
                           |     | Website is down after
                           |     | past the splash page.
      Jibben Software      |D    |http://www.jibbensoftware.com
                           |     | scott@jibben.com
                           |     | 1995-99 Release dates
      John Dailey Software |D    |http://www.johndaileysoftware.com
                           |     | support@johndaileysoftware.com
      Shining Star         |D    |http://www.shiningstar.net/bbsdoors/
                           |     | nannette@shiningstar.net
      Sunrise Doors:       |D    |http://www.sunrisedoors.com
       Al Lawrence         |     | al@sunrisedoors.com
                           |     | Tel: (404) 256-9518
      The Brainex System   |D    |http://www.brainex.com/brainex_system/
                           |     | stanley@brainex.com  1994-99 Releases
      Trade Wars           |D    |http://www.eisonline.com/tradewars/
                           |     | jpritch@eisonline.com
                           |     | v3.09 (DOS-32) in 2002
      Vagabond Software:   |D    |http://www.vbsoft.org        1:124/7013
       Bryan Turner        |     | vagabond@vbsoft.org
                           |     | last update: Jul 17th 2002
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      APoint               |PI   |http://www.apoint-mail.de
                           |     |http://www.apoint-mail.de/indexe.htm
                           |     | (English Version)
                           |     | dirk.pokorny@apoint-mail.de
                           |     | v1.25                   2:2426/1210.13
      CrossPoint (XP)      |P    |http://www.crosspoint.de (German Only)
                           |     | pm@crosspoint.de  v3.12d Dec 22nd 1999
      FreeXP               |P    |http://www.freexp.de         2:2433/460
                           |     | support@freexp.de
                           |     | v3.40 RC3 Aug 31st 2003 (Snapshot)
      OpenXP/32            |PI   |http://www.openxp.com        2:248/2004
                           |     |  (Site is in German Only)
                           |     | mk@openxp.de  v3.8.15 Beta Feb 10th 2004
                           |     | Download Page comes back 404 not found.

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      GoldEd+              |E    |http://mik.nu/golded-plus/   2:203/6600
                           |     | v1.1.5 Snapshot on Feb 28th 2003
      SqEd32               |E    |http://www.sqed.de
                           |     | v1.15 on Dec 15th 1999
      TimEd                |E    |http://blizzard.dnsalias.org/fidonet
                           |     | mail@ozzmosis.com            /timed
                           |     | v1.11.a5 in March 2003      3:633/267
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      GiGo                 |UI   |http://www.gigo.com
                           |     | v0109 on Jan 9th 1997
      Internet Rex:        |UI   |http://members.shaw.ca/InternetRex/
       Charles Cruden      |     | telnet://xanadubbs.ca       1:342/806
       (Khan Software)     |     | v2.29 on Oct 21st 2001
      TransNet             |UI   |http://www.ressl.com.ar/transnet/
                           |     | transnet@ressl.com.ar
                           |     | v2.11 on Jul 18th 1998
      TransX: Multiboard   |UI   |http://www.start.ca/software/multiboard
       Communications, Inc.|     | Unsure about support now but Free Keys
                           |     | are now available.  Donations accepted.
                           |     | v3.5 (Note: KeyGen is a Windows Program)
      Ifmail               |UI   |http://ifmail.sourceforge.net
                           |     | crosser@average.org         2:5020/230
                           |     | Ifmail is a FTN <-> E-Mail/News Gateway
                           |     | Program.
      Meltdown-BBS         |UI   |http://meltdown-bbs.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | meltdown-bbs.project.petkan@spamgourmet.com
                           |     | Fido:                       2:350/5
                           |     | Meltdown-BBS is an FTN <->
                           |     | Web/PHP/MySQL BBS forum system.
                           |     |
      MakeNL               |U    | http://www.filegate.net/coordutl/
                           |     | FidoNet Nodelist Processor

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      National BBS List    |?    | http://www.usbbs.org
      Hispanic FIDO/BBS's  |?    | http://www.conecta2.org/pucela_bbs/
       (in Spanish only)   |     |  (Extensive software & BBS Listings)

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

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    Page 6 
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010

	!!!        G A Z E T T E   B B S   L I S T        !!!
	By bbslist @ filegate.net    
	Send updates, changes to address above or to janis @ filegate.net.
	System.......Prism BBS
	Software.....BBBS LiI v4.01 Flag #
	OS...........Linux (Gentoo)
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, 
	             and file areas.            
	             telnet access offers full features 
	             of the standard bbs such as doors,
	             qwkmail, BWmail,Files, etc.       
	             [web interface is limited really 
	             to reading messages and replying 
	             online, or downloading messages  
          	     in qwk packets, but not uploading
	             them], and file download access. 
	FTP:	     ftp.filegate.net, port 60721
    		     public access to file areas (please 
       		     note change of port for public access).
	System.......Time Warp of the Future BBS
	Software.....sbbs 3.15a (very beta)
	OS...........win. (xp pro. sp3)
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
	Telnet.......time.synchro.net:24 or time.darktech.org:24
	             or timewarpfuture.dyndns.org:24
	             telnet access offers full features 
	             of the standard bbs such as doors,
	             messages or file area etc.
	             Web interface is limited really to reading messages 
        	     and replying online, or downloading messages in qwk 
           	     packets, but not uploading them, and file download access. 
           	     SBBS files available.

	System.......Lionsden BBS
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
	             telnet access offers full features
     		     of the standard bbs such as doors, 
     		     qwkmail, Files, etc.
	             You will redirected to a menu where you can 
	             choose one of three sites.  The first one is 
	             private and requires PW to get into.
	FTP..........FTP://lionsden.darktech.org Files only


	System.......Christian Fellowship
	Software.....PCBoard 15.3
	OS...........Windows XP pro
	C/B Verify...Manually via email or voice 
	             usually within 24 hours.
	Access.......Read only until verified. Once 
	             verified write access to Msg bases, file 
	             areas, chat and doors/games.
	Telnet.......cfbbs.dtdns.net or cfbbs.no-ip.com


	System.......Lightning BBS
	Software.....Virtual Advanced
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First call access to doors, files and
  	             message reading.  Message posting requires 
	             Thanks to VADV-PHP you can access almost 
	             everything the BBS has to offer from the
	             web, with the exception of door games.


	System.......Roach Guts BBS 
	Software.....Maximus on Port 23 (primary)
	             Synchronet on Port 24 (temporary)
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First call access to doors, files and
       		     message reading.  Message posting requires



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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VII    July, 2010
    Fidogazette is published by Janis Kracht, Editor, with the help of
    Richard Webb 1:116/901 (Old School ToolBox), and Sean Dennis 1:18/200
    (The Slightly Crusty Sysop).  If you have an idea for a column or a
    series of articles, please contact me :)
    Where to Send Your Articles

    Unlike most editors, I surely do not  mind running my mouth when
    there is a sparcity of articles for the 'zine.  I'd MUCH rather
    you sent in material but I think until someone starts a
    discussion you feel like commenting about, you evil dullards
    (just kidding!!!) will no doubt complain about "no issues" (grin)
    So I will fill these issues with my meanderings and thoughts and
    hopefully we will grow into something of consequence here :)
    Don't be offended.. write an article!

    If you WOULD like to submit an article and prove me wrong about
    the dullard aspect of you guys and gals , feel free to drop
    your article off at:

    By email attach to address: janis @ filegate.net 
    Fidonet attach:     Janis Kracht at 1:261/38     Modem: 607-655-5652 
    1:261/100 filegate.net port 24555  via binkp or telnet mailer  
    (don't send articles as routed attaches, send them direct to filegate.net).
    Standard binkp port only supports BinkP (24554).

    Give it a title, sign your name and network address if you have
    one and send it along!

    Don't worry about the format, I can take anything you send me
    and mutilate it further as you can see above.  Linux is nice
    that way (g).  Spell checking your own work will help though
    (something I'm typically guilty of (g)).
     To send reviews or recipes to the Food section, email or netmail Janis
     as above.

     To send a question to Dr. Debug, email a question to dr.debug @
     filegate.net or post in the fidogazette echo!  :)

     To send a listing to the fidogazette internet bbs list, send your bbs
     listing to bbslist @ filegate.net or post it in the fidogazette echo! 
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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number IX  September, 2010