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    News from the Z1C..........................................(2)
    New and Returning Members..................................(2)
    The Old School Toolbox:
    Emergency backup planning:  More Points to Consider........(3)
    Tips and Tricks: Google Revisited..........................(5)

    Fidonet Compatible Software List
    BBS/Mailers/Utilities List.................................(7)
    FidoGazette BBS List.......................................(6)
    Info (Where to Send Articles)..............................(8)
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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

    Just when you think fidonet is dead as a doornail, the applications for
    membership start streaming in.  We've got a number of people in the
    U.S.  and Canada in R17, and in other states in the US who hopefully
    will be in the nodelist soon.  Perhaps prematurely, but 


    guys, and I hope things move fast(er) for you.

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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

    Notes From The Z1C
    We welcomed a new RC into Region 14 last week.  Jon Justvig, our new
    R14C is working hard to update his segment and has sucessfuly
    convCTRl-D CTRl-D CTRL-D CTRL-D found some people to take over some of
    the networds that have been running "headless" for a while.  Thanks
    Jon, and congratulations!  Thank you to the new NCs who are willing to
    take on these responsibilities :)

    New/Returning SysOps:
    In the Works:
    Steve Johns    R11 Elyria, OH
    John Meeks     R18 Nashville, TN
    Eric Oulashin  R17 Eugene, OR  
    Shanta McBain  R17 Enderby, BC
    Sam Bright     R17 Wasilla, AK
    Shawn Rapp     R17 Coquille, OR

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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

    The Old School Toolbox
    By Richard Webb, 1:116/901

	    Emergency backup planning:  Some More Points to Consider
    If  you've  been  reading  the last few issues you know what this
    column has been about lately, so let's tie up some loose ends.  The
    first loose end is this:

	To  be,  or  not  to  be, a bbs. Does your net's pstn backup actually
    need to operate a bbs?  I know, the old argument still might rage in
    some circles.  One side says "fidonet is a bbs network." In many cases
    this is true.  But, Fidonet is a mail network which consists of many
    systems that are publicly available bbs systems.  Does your backup
    actually need to operate as one along with the fidonet mailer and mail
    handling software?

	I would say that it depends on the primary  purpose  of  the entity
    providing you the backup facility in the form of a phone line.  How do
    they benefit from a BBS?  Will they benefit at all from a bbs available
    via telnet and pots?  Some religious and service organizations might. 
    FOr others all that bbs is going to be is another security headache.

	Remember  that  to  convince somebody to let you make use of that fax
    or other phone line you're going to be selling them on the backup
    capabilities it offers them as well.  For some the security is going to
    be of paramount importance.  The agency head or personnel wanting
    backup email access when their broadband connection is down may not
    really be interested in a publicly available bbs running on that line. 
    But, if they have need to get data to and from their systems that can't
    be touched by others, no matter what then you've got an easier sell
    when talking to them about fidonet mailers.  After all, session and
    packet passwords are fairly robust.  Set that mailer up to refuse
    connections with unlisted systems, use secured inbound directories and
    give some attention to what files can be requested from the mailer on
    their premises and they're well protected.

	So  who  do you approach? Many possible candidates here. The local
    hospital that has satellite facilities in nearby communities might be a
    good start.  Local volunteer agencies that do disaster response and
    mitigation are other possibilities.  I'm sure that Mike Luther who was
    the calayst for all this could give you some real ideas here.  AFter
    all, even if that hospital has winlink (email via ham radio) available
    to them there's still sensitive data they might wish to exchange with
    their affiliated facilities that they'd rather not put on a radio link. 
    Simple as falling off a log, set the satellite institutions up as
    points.  After you've got a machine set up and going on that phone line
    they use occasionally or their fax line then spend a day tutoring their
    systems admin guru on fidonet mailers and let him work with getting the
    points set up.

	Is  it  worth the time and the legwork? That depends on your point of
    view I guess, but to me it would be.  It improves the reliability of
    your net's connections with the rest of fidonet, as well as helps you
    promote your hobby.  Then, there's that biggie that MIke LUther and I
    have both talked about, the dreaded electromagnetic pulse.

	So what about the big emp? No, it isn't just  a  pipe  dream coming
    from folks who've seen too many black helicopters.  The danger of
    electromagnetic pulse to our critical infrastructure is quite real, and
    quite possible.  Yes Virginia, this means the power grid, your internet
    connection, your switched telephone service even.  Although underground
    switched telephone networks on copper might survive, oftentimes the
    switching circuitry, which is microprocessor based, is not buried.

	We've  grown  to   be   quite   dependent   on   all   these
    interconnected systems which have at their heart microprocessors that
    might not survive an electromagnetic pulse.  A few years ago I read a
    science fiction story about a Japanese businessman who got revenge for
    Hiroshima on the United States by attacking our data networking
    infrastructure in a myriad of ways.  One of his attacks was on the New
    York Stock exchange, generating an electromagnetic pulse in their
    machine room.

	Picture that in your mind a few minutes, just  as  a  mental exercise. 
    Data on recent trades, gone.  Lots of data, poof!  Not stored offsite,
    but stored on hard disks, magnetic tape and other media, now scrambled
    hopelessly beyond retrieval.

	Think  about  all the places where the data which keeps your life in
    order is stored.  Your doctor and other health care providers; schools,
    the agency or organization that handles your retirement benefits; your
    home and/or place of work.

	Before you think I've totally gone over to the  tinfoil  hat fashion
    statement, consider this.  The dangers are more prevalent than you
    might think.  Although there are methods that can be used to harden
    this critical infrastructure against these dangers, most of it won't be
    built in such a way as to survive them.  Generating an emp which would
    impact a wide area is quite possible.  Consider the fact that the U.S. 
    Department of Defense takes the possibility of a deliberate attack
    using emp quite feasible.  Recently I read an article discussing their

	The article was posted by the INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY under
    Editorials on April 20th 2010 and titled "Tehran's Other Target:
    America 2015." THe author states that anyone able to put a satellite
    into orbit can also launch an intercontinental ballistic missile.  It

	"We forget that such a missile wouldn't have to be accurate.  A single
    nuclear warhead detonated over the American heartland would emit an
    electromagnetic pulse that would fry our technological infrastructure
    and catapult America and its economy back to the 18th century."

	So,  we  have  the  U.S. department of defense talking about countries
    which are developing icbm capability.  But, emergency communications
    volunteers still have some powerful tools to at least give our
    infrastructure 20th century capabilities while recovery is underway. 
    IF something like this should ever come to pass, I'm betting that
    amateur radio operators will be some of the first electronic
    communicators and systems to return to service afterword.  If parts of
    the switched telephone network survive we Fidonet folks could easily be
    another piece of the recovery.

	This folks is one of the reasons I became a  radio  amateur.  This is
    why I insist that we retain the capabilities Fidonet has been known for
    since its inception, interconnection of a variety of computer
    platforms.  This is why as I write this my right foot is bumping up
    against a 140 amp/hour gel cell battery.  This is why I can point to a
    trunk over here in the corner which has prefabricated wire antennas
    ready to go.  To my left two 100 amp/hour gel cells are sitting on
    trickle chargers.

	Finally, if you go to www.gatasound.com you'll see my remote audio
    control room in the back of a 19 foot box truck.  Picture the large
    mixing console I'm standing in front of covered with a bench top and
    radio equipment atop that.  I live near the NEw Madrid fault, and close
    enough to be considered in TOrnado alley here.  After some sort of
    disaster this rig can be ready to roll with a team of individuals ready
    to provide essential communications for a hard hit community.  WIThin
    half an hour of our arrival I'll have a mast attached to the truck with
    antennas at anywhere from 20 to 30 foot off the ground, and long and
    short haul communications facilities ready to go to work.  And, yes, I
    can still send by hand, and copy by ear, the INternational MOrse code. 
    Yes, I'm an old school type guy, and for Fidonet that means backup
    connections using our modems and the public switched telephone network.

	This old hippie took one of those catch phrases from the sixties to
    heart.  I'll bet you know which one.  It says: "If you're not part of
    the solution, you're part of the problem." I can see our network being
    part of the solution when disaster strikes.  As we've already pointed
    out in this publication, after the storm or other natural disaster
    often the switched telephone network is still operational, even if our
    broadband internet connections are kaput.  Instead of complaining that
    nobody takes us seriously or that we're considered one of those parts
    of history no longer relevant we can provide a real demonstration of
    the value of our networking techniques.

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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010
    F  O  O  D      Even sysops have to eat!
    By Janis Kracht, 1:261/38
    Want to contribute something here?  Send your submission to fidogazette
    'at' filegate.net or email janis at filegate.net, or janis kracht at
    1:261/38 (filegate.net) and it will get published here in the
    next issue :)

    Making Ravioli and Ricotta Cheese from Scratch
    by Janis Kracht 

    Originally posted in the Cooking Echo by Janis Kracht.
    Edited for FidoGazette.

    I posted my recipe here in the Gazette last month for Italian tomato
    sauce with meatballs and sausage (see fgaz0710.zip).  I've been asked
    to post the rest of the recipes I originally posted in the COOKING echo
    for ravioli and ricotta cheese made from scratch.  It was a planned
    visit from Ruth and Steve Haffly that brought us together, since I was
    happy to show Ruth how I make ravioli.

	About The Ravioli Equipment
	There are a number of tools one can use to shape ravioli:  The
	simplest being a rolling pin, two sheets of dough, a sharp knife and a
	fork to seal the edges.

     I have several tools here that I use at different times.  For soup
	ravioli, I often use a 'raviolissimo' attachment for my Atlas macaroni
	machine.  With that one, you feed a long length of pressed dough into
	the attachment in a V shape, and then spoon the filling into the
	center of the V shape.  When you crank the macaroni machine, sealed
	filled ravioli are made.  I have another one very similar to the
	raviolissimo, which makes larger ravioli, a good size one, for dinner. 
	We decided though, to use another tool to shape the ravioli, which
	I'll describe in a short while.

    About The Dough:
    I was out of semolina flour (I usually have some around), but it's not
    necessary to use that ..  I usually make macaroni dough with regular
    flour and maybe 1/3 Semolina.  Instead, I ground a couple pounds of
    Soft Wheat Berries in my Family Grain Mill
    (http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com/family_grain_mills.aspx) I ground it
    at the finest setting about three times.

	Ravioli Dough Ingredients:
	1 pound flour (2 cups of this can be Semolina)
	5 eggs
	1 tablespoon olive oil
	[optional: 4 tablespoons of water, one tablespoon at a time]

    If you are grinding your own flour, these amounts are general.. the
    dough has to be soft enough after kneading to be used in various
    torturous tools we'll use :) Grandma used to say, "soft as a baby's
    A.." when kneading is done.

    Place the flour in a strong mixer, Kitchenaid or better (g) and add the
    five eggs and olive oil in a well in the center.  Now on my old
    kitchenaid, I was using store bought (but good quality unbleached)
    flour.  Store bought flour is ground very fine, finer than I can get on
    Family Grain mill, unless I sift out all the kernels out which kind of
    defeats the purpose of milling grain..  so you may find you need to add
    those optional tablespoons of water.  Try it without it first, we did,
    and I found I had to break up the dough in little pieces, add about 3
    Tablespoons of water, and then use the flat beater to beat it in.

    Use the flat beater first to mix in the eggs  throroughly - then
    examine the dough you have in terms of home ground flour or store
    bought..  Mix for about 2 - 3 minutes, more or less will depend on your
    mixer.  If the dough is starting to create balls, good..if it looks
    overly dry, add the water one tablespoon at a time.  Remove the flat
    beater.  When I was using store-bought all purpose flour and store
    bought semolina for macaroni dough, I never had to use the dough hook.. 
    just the flat beater for about 30 seconds...  When the dough can be
    gathered into a ball, it's been kneaded enough.  Cover in plastic wrap
    and let it develop for 20 minutes.  Later when you are working with the
    dough to make the raviolis, make sure the unused dough is completey
    covered in plastic wrap or a damp towel.  [Continued] ===

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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

    [Ravioli, Continued]
    About The Ricotta
    The filling for cheese ravioli is made of ricotta cheese, Italian
    locatelli cheese, eggs and flavorings (mint or parsley).  I mentioned
    in the echo before how my grandmother on Mom's side (the northern
    Italians) had always used mint in her lasagne and ravioli, but my
    father's mom (Sicilian) always used the southern Italian preference,
    parsley.  When Mom first made a ricotta dish for Dad, he said "what's
    wrong with this??  You ruined it!" because she hadn't used parsley. 
    From that day, she never used mint again in her cooking (g).  I have
    been using mint in my ricotta cheese since my mom told me the story
    last year.  I really do prefer it to parsley :)

    When I mentioned perhaps we'd make our own Ricotta to Ruth, I could
    tell she also thought that was a great idea, given all the processing,
    etc.  most of the foods we eat today suffer.  Like everyone else in my
    family, I used to buy Ricotta cheese to make various Italian dishes. 
    These days I make my own just about all the time.  It's healthier, you
    know what goes in it, it's simple to do, and you can have it at any
    time.  Additionally, generally you don't need any special equipment or
    ingredients.  Some people simply use whole milk, some use whole milk
    and yogurt and some use whole milk and heavy cream.  I find that using
    2 parts whole milk and 1 part goat's milk (reconstituted from goat's
    milk powder), a touch of sea salt and lemon juice makes the best
    tasting ricotta.  You heat up the milk to _almost_ boiling, and then
    add either lemon juice or white distilled vinegar to the milk.

	==Ingredients for Making Fresh Ricotta Cheese==
	Makes about 1 lb.

	1/2 gallon whole milk (We buy Horizon Farms, which comes from
           grass-fed beef.  The quality of the milk matters a great deal
           in the resulting taste.  _Ultra pasteurized_ milk will give you
           a lower yield.
	1 quart whole goat's milk.  We buy dry powdered goats milk packets so
           that it's always 'fresh'.  Old goat's milk tastes..  well, like
           an old goat :) not that I've ever eaten one haha
	1/3 cup lemon juice or 1/3 cup distilled white vinegar
           Lemon juice gives it a slightly citrus taste, vinegar a cleaner one.
           I like the flavor from using lemon juice.
	1/4 teaspoon sea salt

	Put the milks and salt in a large pot, and stir to mix. Heat to nearly
    boiling, but don't let it get to a rolling boil.  Stir gently and often
    so that the bottom of the pot doesn't scorch (would taste pretty bad). 
    As the milk heats, watch the outside edge of the milk; you'll see very
    tiny bubbles start to form around the outside edge (160F).  When the
    milk comes to a very low boil, add the lemon juice and stir to blend. 
    Bring back to a very low boil and continue cooking about a minute. 
    You'll see small white particles start to coagulate on the surface. 
    This means curds are starting to form.  Don't let the milk cook any
    longer than about a minute or you may wind up with hard, dry curds. 
    Remove the pot from the heat, and cover with a tight fitting lid.  Let
    the ricotta sit for about 20 minutes untouched.  More substantial curds
    will form in this time period.  Line a colander with cheesecloth or a
    thin cotton cloth like a piece of bed sheet.  Gently pour the ricotta
    into the cloth, being careful not to break up the curds too much.  Do
    it slowly.  For the best results, let the cheese drain, unrefrigerated,
    for about an hour.  We were pressed for time, so I did refrigerate it
    with a bowl underneath to catch the drips.  You will now have a rather
    moist ricotta.  If you prefer it drier, you can tie and hang the cheese
    cloth over the sink or over a bowl so the ricotta can drain more
    thoroughly.  The ricotta is ready to use - you may refrigerate it for
    about two days.  If you plan on baking with the ricotta, drain it well.

    About The Filling:
	To make the filling for the ravioli, put the ricotta cheese in a large
    bowl and add 1 egg for every pound of ricotta.  Add about 1 teaspoon
    finely minced mint leaves (I think we use about 4 or 5 small leaves). 
    Add about 1/4 teaspoon sea salt.  We were going to make a pound of
    ravioli from the dough I'd prepared to feed Ron and I, Ruth and Steve
    and my grandson.  I usually figure about 6 ravioli per person, given
    all the other food on the table :)

	Ingredients for the Ravioli Filling:
	1 lb. ricotta
	1 egg
	1 teaspoon finely minced Mint
	1/4 teaspoon sea salt
	1/2 cup or more grated locatelli romano cheese

	Mix all ingredients well, and refrigerate covered with plastic wrap
    until you are ready to fill the ravioli.

	Shaping the ravioli: 
	Now came the fun part.  The dough which had been resting for 20
	minutes felt a little dry when we put a chunk of it through my atlas
	macaroni machine, so as I mentioned earlier, we broke up the dough and
	added a few tablespoons of water and then re-mixed/beat it until it
	was softer and well kneaded.

	Cut off about a third of the dough and make sure you keep the rest of
    the dough covered in plastic wrap or a damp towel.  Use a rolling pin
    to flatten out the 1/3 of the dough into a flatter piece.  You want to
    try to roll out a rectangle that is a touch wider and a touch longer
    than the ravioli press because you'll be sealing the ravioli all around
    the outside edges.  The one we used to form the ravioli shapes is made
    by VillaWare.

	The Atlas Macaroni machine has settings from 1 to 6 for various
    thickness of dough.  Use setting 1 to start, and press the dough
    through twice or three times.  Then, change the setting to 2, and put
    the dough through 2 or 3 times more.  Continue doing this with each
    subsequent setting until you reach setting 5.  This makes a nice al
    dente ravioli, without feeling like a lead balloon in your stomach :)
    Only make one sheet at a time, and cut it in half.  If you try to do
    more, the dough will be too dry to work with.  We all agreed after
    eating that with home ground flour a setting of 6 might be better.  My
    Dad, if were still alive, would have loved them at setting 5 :)

    My favorite tool for shaping ravioli is made by Villaware, it is a
    metal form with 10 "holes" and a plastic form with 10 raised ravioli
    forms for making 10 raviolis at once.  Make sure you dust the metal
    form with a bit of flour before you start.

	-------------------------------------------------  [Metal form with]
	|(O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)| [holes, dust with]
	|(O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)  (O)| [flour]
	|(.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)| [Plastic form with]
	|(.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)  (.)| [raised ravioli]
	-------------------------------------------------- [forms]

	When you have reached setting 5, dust the sheet of dough with flour,
	cut it in half crosswise to make two long strips each a little longer
	and wider than the length and width of the metal form.  Place one sheet
	of dough over the metal form, and cover the other sheet with plastic
	wrap.  We'll use that in a moment.

	Put the sheet of dough over that metal form, making sure the dough
	covers the metal form with a touch of overlap all around.  If you don't
	do that, the raviolis can't seal.  Use the provided plastic form to
	make the indentations in the dough, by pressing the plastic form
	into the dough gently.  Remove the plastic form, and fill each ravioli
	opening with about a teaspoon of the filling.  Don't overfill the
	ravioli, or they will burst and leak out the filling when cooked.

	Place the second half of the rolled out dough on top of the metal form
	with the filled dough on it.  Run a rolling pin vigorously and firmly
	over the top of the metal covered with dough/filling/dough.  This
	action forces the rimmed edges of the metal form to create a seal. 
	When you can see the raised edges of the metal form clearly through the
	dough on the outside edges of each ravioli, you are done.  Turn the
	metal frame upside down to release the ravioli.  Give the form a sharp
	rap, and the ravioli should fall out sealed all the way around.

	Put the finished ravioli on a clean surface which has been dusted with
	flour.  Dust the tops of the raviolis with more flour.  Prick the
	center each ravioli with a fork to allow steam to escape (just a little
	one :)).

	Cut off another third of the remaining dough and repeat until all the
	dough is used and filled, and dusted with flour.

	We figured that each of us could eat 6 raviolis each, so I cooked 30 of
	the finished ravioli, and froze the rest of them on a cookie sheet
	dusted with flour, and covered in a large plastic bag.

	Cooking Ravioli:
	Fill a large sauce pot, dutch oven or soup pot with 5-6 quarts of
    water.  Bring the water to a rolling boil and add about 1 tablespoon of
    sea salt.  Place the ravioli in the boiling water gently, and boil
    gently until the ravioli floats to the top, about 5 minutes.  Don't
    keep the heat too high, or you may break all the raviolis, but you want
    to maintain an even boil.  Test one ravioli to see if the dough is
    cooked to your taste.

	Drain carefully or lift out the ravioli with a slotted spoon.  Place
    about a cup of sauce in the bottom of a large ravioli bowl or large
    bowl, and add the drained ravioli.  Toss gently or stir until all the
    ravioli is coated lightly with sauce so that they don't stick


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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

    Tips and Tricks
    By Janis Kracht
    Google Revisited 
    Some new features from Google Docs.. now you can translate documents
    and even see the reverse translation of the doc with a mouse over.

    Read about it here:
	GoogleDocs - new features
    This link takes you right to the translate page:

	Translate text, webpages and documents
	Enter text or a webpage URL, or upload a document.
	|                                         |
	|    Je m'appelle Janis                   |
	|                                         |

	Translate from:		French Detected
	Translate into:		English
	French to English translation
	[    My name is Janis                     ]

	With Google Docs, you can translate words within a document, or an entire
	document, into one of over 40 languages.

	Translate a word or a short phrase

	   1. Select the word or phrase in the document, and click Tools - Look up
	      word - Translate word...
	      translate menu
	   2. A dialog box appears:
	      translate dialog box
	   3. The Translate tab displays the selected text at the top, and two
	   	  language drop-down menus. Select the languages for the translation, and
		  click the Translate button.

	Note: Once you get the results, if you click the link with the translated
	word, you see the reverse translation of that word.

	   4. Click the Replace button at the bottom of the dialog box to replace
		  the selection in the document with the translated text.

		Translate an entire document

	To translate an entire document, simply click Tools - Translate document,
	and select the language into which you'd like to translate the document.

	Google Docs translates the document using Google Translate. Once the
	translation is ready, you can choose to replace the original document with
	the translation or create a new document with the translated version.
    Page 6

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

    I'm frequently asked by folks either just joining or coming back to
    Fidonet about what software options there are these days for Fidonet
    nodes.  This is a list of Fidonet compatible software put together by
    Robert Couture, who was one of our past SysOps, RC, and FileGate HUB. 
    I've updated it a bit and will try to catch any other bad links in this
    file.  Feel free to send me updates, or better yet, if you'd like to
    take over this list and submit the list for publication, just let me
    know :) :)

    Fidonet Compatible BS Software List

	Originally by Robert Couture, 
	Updated by Janis Kracht, August, 2010

	         Type: M=Mailer  T=Tosser  B=BBS  D=Door  C=Comm/Terminal
	               P=Points  E=Editor  I=Internet  U=Utility  ?=Info

     .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.
     |Software: Author     |Type |URL, Contact, Ver, Notes      Help Node|
     `- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -'

      Argus                |MI   |http://www.ritlabs.com/argus/  2:469/84
                           |     | argus@ritlabs.com  Tel: 373-2-246889
                           |     | v3.210 on Mar 20th 2001
      BinkleyTerm XE       |M    |http://btxe.sourceforge.net     1:1/102
                           |     | v2.60XE/Gamma-6 on Nov 11th 1998
      BinkD                |MI   |http://2f.ru/binkd/
                           |     | maloff@corbina.net
                           |     | v0.94 on Jul 24th 2000 (Outdated)
      BinkD                |     |http://www.filegate.net/r50/aftnbinkd/
      FIDO-Deluxe IP       |MPUI |http://www.fido-deluxe.de.vu 2:2432/280
       Michael Haase       |     | m.haase@gmx.net
                           |     | v2.4 on Sep 26th 2003
      FrontDoor, FD/APX:   |MITPC|http://www.defsol.se          2:201/330
       Definite Solutions  |     | sales@defsol.se                1:1/101
                           |     | v2.26SW & v2.33ml FD, v1.15 APX
      Husky Project        |MTPUI|http://sf.net/projects/husky/
                           |     | v1.4 RC2 on Sep 22nd 2003
      Radius               |MI   |http://radius.pp.ru           2:5012/38
      (based on Argus)     |     | fido5012@zaural.net Tel: 7-3522-469463
                           |     | Last Release: v4.010 on Jan 3nd 2005
      Taurus               |MI   |http://taurus.rinet.ru (Russian) 2:461/70
                           |     |http://www.fidotel.com/taurus (English)
      (based on Radius)    |     | E-mail: taurus@rinet.ru
                           |     | v5.000 alpha on Oct 11th 2004
      T-mail               |MI   |http://www.tmail.spb.ru  v2608
                           |     | Website is in Russian only
      WildCat! Interactive |MTBEI|http://www.santronics.com
       Net Server, Platinum|     | sales@santronics.com
       Xpress: Santronics  |     | Tel: (305) 248-3204
       Software, Inc.      |     | AUP 451.1 on April 26th 2004
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      Fidogate             |TUI  |http://www.fidogate.org
                           |     | Martin_Junius@m-j-s.net  v4.4.10
      FMail                |T    |http://fmail.nl.eu.org
                           |     | support@fmail.nl.eu.org  v1.60
      JetMail: JetSys      |TU   |http://www.jetsys.de  js@jetsys.de
       (ATARI ST only)     |     | v1.01 on Jan 1st 2000
      Squish               |T    |http://maximus.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | Lanuis site redirects to above
                           |     | Squish is part of Maximus.
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      BBBS                 |BI   |http://www.bbbs.net  b@bbbs.net
                           |     | v4.01 February 2007   2:22/222

      ELEBBS: The Elevator |B    |http://www.elebbs.com
       Software Production |     | elebbs@elebbs.com
                           |     | v0.10.RC1 on Jun 9th 2002

     EZYCom BBS            |BT   |http://ezycom.sytes.net
                           |     |http://members.westnet.com.au/centuryp/
                           |     | ezycom@westnet.com.au    3:690/682
                           |     | v2.0 on 3 May 2003

      Hermes II Project    |B    |http://www.hermesii.org
                           |     | info@HermesII.org  v3.5.9 Beta Final

      Maximus BBS          |B    |http://maximus.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | v3.03 (source)
                           |     |Archives online at:
                           |     |http://filegate.net/maxfdn/

      MBSE BBS:            |BI   |http://mbse.sourceforge.net  2:280/2802
       Michiel Broek       |     | mbroek@users.sourceforge.net
                           |     | v0.60.0 on June 5th 2004

      Mystic BBS           |B    |http://www.mysticbbs.com
                           |     | v1.07.3 on May 13th 2001

      Nexus BBS            |B    |http://www.nexusbbs.net
                           |     | groberts@nexusbbs.net
                           |     | v0.99.41-Beta on Oct 16th 2002
                           |     | [Note: No Longer under active
                           |     |  development.]

      Proboard BBS         |B    |http://www.proboard.be
                           |     | v2.17 on Jun 9th 2002

      RemoteAccess BBS:    |B    |http://www.rapro.com            1:1/120
       Bruce Morse         |     | bfmorse@rapro.com
                           |     | v2.62.2SW

      Spitfire BBS: Buffalo|B    |http://www.buffalocrk.com/
       Creek Software      |     | MDWoltz@aol.com             1:1/150
                           |     | v3.6 on Aug 20th 1999
      Synchronet BBS       |BT   |http://www.synchro.net
                           |     | sysop(at)vert(dot)synchro(dot)net
                           |     | v3.10L Beta
      Telegard BBS         |B    |http://www.telegard.net
                           |     | support@telegard.net
                           |     | v3.09g2 SP4
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      Atlantis Software    |D    |http://www.jimmyrose.com/atlantis/
                           |     | Last Update: August 2004
      Cheepware            |DU   |http://nsbbs.info/cheepware.html  1:18/200
       Sean Dennis         |     |dialup at (423) 926-7999 
                           |     |or via telnet at nsbbs.darktech.org
      DDS (Doorware        |D    |http://www.doorgames.org     1:2404/201
       Distribution System)|     | ruth@doorgames.org
       Ruth Argust         |     |
      DoorMUD              |D    |http://doormud.com
                           |     | v0.98 Jun 1st 2002
                           |     | Website is down after
                           |     | past the splash page.
      Jibben Software      |D    |http://www.jibbensoftware.com
                           |     | scott@jibben.com
                           |     | 1995-99 Release dates
      John Dailey Software |D    |http://www.johndaileysoftware.com
                           |     | support@johndaileysoftware.com
      Shining Star         |D    |http://www.shiningstar.net/bbsdoors/
                           |     | nannette@shiningstar.net
      Sunrise Doors:       |D    |http://www.sunrisedoors.com
       Al Lawrence         |     | al@sunrisedoors.com
                           |     | Tel: (404) 256-9518
      The Brainex System   |D    |http://www.brainex.com/brainex_system/
                           |     | stanley@brainex.com  1994-99 Releases
      Trade Wars           |D    |http://www.eisonline.com/tradewars/
                           |     | jpritch@eisonline.com
                           |     | v3.09 (DOS-32) in 2002
      Vagabond Software:   |D    |http://www.vbsoft.org        1:124/7013
       Bryan Turner        |     | vagabond@vbsoft.org
                           |     | last update: Jul 17th 2002
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      APoint               |PI   |http://www.apoint-mail.de
                           |     |http://www.apoint-mail.de/indexe.htm
                           |     | (English Version)
                           |     | dirk.pokorny@apoint-mail.de
                           |     | v1.25                   2:2426/1210.13
      CrossPoint (XP)      |P    |http://www.crosspoint.de (German Only)
                           |     | pm@crosspoint.de  v3.12d Dec 22nd 1999
      FreeXP               |P    |http://www.freexp.de         2:2433/460
                           |     | support@freexp.de
                           |     | v3.40 RC3 Aug 31st 2003 (Snapshot)
      OpenXP/32            |PI   |http://www.openxp.com        2:248/2004
                           |     |  (Site is in German Only)
                           |     | mk@openxp.de  v3.8.15 Beta Feb 10th 2004
                           |     | Download Page comes back 404 not found.

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      GoldEd+              |E    |http://mik.nu/golded-plus/   2:203/6600
                           |     | v1.1.5 Snapshot on Feb 28th 2003
      SqEd32               |E    |http://www.sqed.de
                           |     | v1.15 on Dec 15th 1999
      TimEd                |E    |http://blizzard.dnsalias.org/fidonet
                           |     | mail@ozzmosis.com            /timed
                           |     | v1.11.a5 in March 2003      3:633/267
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      GiGo                 |UI   |http://www.gigo.com
                           |     | v0109 on Jan 9th 1997
      Internet Rex:        |UI   |http://members.shaw.ca/InternetRex/
       Charles Cruden      |     | telnet://xanadubbs.ca       1:342/806
       (Khan Software)     |     | v2.29 on Oct 21st 2001
      TransNet             |UI   |http://www.ressl.com.ar/transnet/
                           |     | transnet@ressl.com.ar
                           |     | v2.11 on Jul 18th 1998
      TransX: Multiboard   |UI   |http://www.start.ca/software/multiboard
       Communications, Inc.|     | Unsure about support now but Free Keys
                           |     | are now available.  Donations accepted.
                           |     | v3.5 (Note: KeyGen is a Windows Program)
      Ifmail               |UI   |http://ifmail.sourceforge.net
                           |     | crosser@average.org         2:5020/230
                           |     | Ifmail is a FTN - E-Mail/News Gateway
                           |     | Program.
      Meltdown-BBS         |UI   |http://meltdown-bbs.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | meltdown-bbs.project.petkan@spamgourmet.com
                           |     | Fido:                       2:350/5
                           |     | Meltdown-BBS is an FTN 
                           |     | Web/PHP/MySQL BBS forum system.
                           |     |
      MakeNL               |U    | http://www.filegate.net/coordutl/
                           |     | FidoNet Nodelist Processor

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      National BBS List    |?    | http://www.usbbs.org
      Hispanic FIDO/BBS's  |?    | http://www.conecta2.org/pucela_bbs/
       (in Spanish only)   |     |  (Extensive software & BBS Listings)

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      File Archives:

       http://archives.thebbs.org          http://www.filegate.net/ (ftp access:port 60721)
       http://sysopscorner.thebbs.org      http://www.dmine.com/bbscorner/        
       http://garbo.uwasa.fi               http://www.simtel.net 
       http://wuarchive.wustl.edu          http://www.bbsfiles.com 

      Note: most also provide FTP access
            (use ftp:// instead of http:// above)

    Send updates to janis@filegate.net or janis kracht @ 1:261/38

    Page 7 
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010

	!!!        G A Z E T T E   B B S   L I S T        !!!
	By bbslist @ filegate.net    
	Send updates, changes to address above or to janis @ filegate.net.
	System.......Prism BBS
	Software.....BBBS LiI v4.01 Flag #
	OS...........Linux (Gentoo)
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, 
	             and file areas.            
	             telnet access offers full features 
	             of the standard bbs such as doors,
	             qwkmail, BWmail,Files, etc.       
	             [web interface is limited really 
	             to reading messages and replying 
	             online, or downloading messages  
          	     in qwk packets, but not uploading
	             them], and file download access. 
	FTP:	     ftp.filegate.net, port 60721
    		     public access to file areas (please 
       		     note change of port for public access).
	System.......Time Warp of the Future BBS
	Software.....sbbs 3.15a (very beta)
	OS...........win. (xp pro. sp3)
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
	Telnet.......time.synchro.net:24 or time.darktech.org:24
	             or timewarpfuture.dyndns.org:24
	             telnet access offers full features 
	             of the standard bbs such as doors,
	             messages or file area etc.
	             Web interface is limited really to reading messages 
        	     and replying online, or downloading messages in qwk 
           	     packets, but not uploading them, and file download access. 
           	     SBBS files available.

	System.......Lionsden BBS
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
	             telnet access offers full features
     		     of the standard bbs such as doors, 
     		     qwkmail, Files, etc.
	             You will redirected to a menu where you can 
	             choose one of three sites.  The first one is 
	             private and requires PW to get into.
	FTP..........FTP://lionsden.darktech.org Files only


	System.......Christian Fellowship
	Software.....PCBoard 15.3
	OS...........Windows XP pro
	C/B Verify...Manually via email or voice 
	             usually within 24 hours.
	Access.......Read only until verified. Once 
	             verified write access to Msg bases, file 
	             areas, chat and doors/games.
	Telnet.......cfbbs.dtdns.net or cfbbs.no-ip.com


	System.......Lightning BBS
	Software.....Virtual Advanced
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First call access to doors, files and
  	             message reading.  Message posting requires 
	             Thanks to VADV-PHP you can access almost 
	             everything the BBS has to offer from the
	             web, with the exception of door games.


	System.......Roach Guts BBS 
	Software.....Maximus on Port 23 (primary)
	             Synchronet on Port 24 (temporary)
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First call access to doors, files and
       		     message reading.  Message posting requires



    Page 8
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VII    July, 2010
    Fidogazette is published by Janis Kracht, Editor, with the help of
    Richard Webb 1:116/901 (Old School ToolBox), and Sean Dennis 1:18/200
    (The Slightly Crusty Sysop).  If you have an idea for a column or a
    series of articles, please contact me :)
    Where to Send Your Articles

    Unlike most editors, I surely do not  mind running my mouth when
    there is a sparcity of articles for the 'zine.  I'd MUCH rather
    you sent in material but I think until someone starts a
    discussion you feel like commenting about, you evil dullards
    (just kidding!!!) will no doubt complain about "no issues" (grin)
    So I will fill these issues with my meanderings and thoughts and
    hopefully we will grow into something of consequence here :)
    Don't be offended.. write an article!

    If you WOULD like to submit an article and prove me wrong about
    the dullard aspect of you guys and gals (bg), feel free to drop
    your article off at:

    By email attach to address: janis @ filegate.net 
    Fidonet attach:     Janis Kracht at 1:261/38     Modem: 607-655-5652 
    1:261/100 filegate.net port 24555  via binkp or telnet mailer  
    (don't send articles as routed attaches, send them direct to filegate.net).
    Standard binkp port only supports BinkP (24554).

    Give it a title, sign your name and network address if you have
    one and send it along!

    Don't worry about the format, I can take anything you send me
    and mutilate it further as you can see above.  Linux is nice
    that way (g).  Spell checking your own work will help though
    (something I'm typically guilty of (g)).
     To send reviews or recipes to the Food section, email or netmail Janis
     as above.

     To send a question to Dr. Debug, email a question to
     dr.debug @ filegate.net or post in the fidogazette echo! :)

     To send a listing to the fidogazette internet bbs list, send your
     bbs listing to bbslist @ filegate.net or post it in the fidogazette
     echo!  :)
    Page 9
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VIII   August, 2010