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                Table Of Contents
    Old School ToolBox......................3
    Cooking: Even SysOps Have to Eat........4
    BBS SoftWare List.......................5
    FidoGazette BBSList.....................6
    Info (How to Submit an Article).........7
    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 1		August 15 2011
    		 E D I T O R I A L
    Fidonews has enjoyed a rebirth of sorts with a new Editor, and a new
    Moderator.  Gary Perkins has stepped up, graciously agreeing to take
    on the position, knowing that he probably wouldn't be the most
    popular kid on the block to some folks in Zones 2 or 3.
    The NAB has made all participants in the Fidonews echo from Zones
    other than 1, temorarily read-only.  The NAB has stopped
    distributing Bjorn Felten's version of Fidonews, as well.
    The North American Backbone made the decision to temporarily stop
    importing traffic from all other zones into the Fidonews echo,
    except for Zone 1 for number of reasons.
    This is from the note that the NAB posted in the Fidonews echo:
    "Since assuming the editorship, the status of being the Fidonews
    editor has turned out to be more important to Mr Felten than the
    actual product itself.  Mr Felten has converted the actual status of
    being the Fidonews editor into a soapbox to preach his *personal
    political* discomforts with the USA, ranging from its society,
    Government, foreign and domestic policy decisions made past and
    present.  At every turn he was casting out insults towards the USA,
    to which he thinks are criticisms, but were ad naseum quips that
    constantly conveyed the same old political distaste that Mr Felten
    feels towards the USA and towards others who disagree with him.  It
    was not enough for Mr Felten to repeat the same dislike over and
    over again as if each time he spoke it, was the first.  When told of
    this, Mr Felten would deny and then demand proof.  Recent examples
    of proof are met with exclamations of having a thin skins."
    "Over the course of years, there has been alot of back and forth,
    action and reaction, others call it tit for tat.  There are no
    totally innocent or totally guilty parties."
    "In the beginnings of Fidonet there was alot of weight being thrown
    around by then Zone One against the then smaller Zones 2 thru 6,
    since the mathmatics has changed and Zone One is one of the smaller
    Zones, and Zone 2 the largest, some personalities have decided that
    its time for Zone 2 to exact revenge."
    "As previously mentioned, Mr Felten enjoyed the status of being the
    editor without expending much effort in doing the job of the editor,
    the vast majority of issues published by Mr Felten are empty shells
    devoid of content, just boilerplate, masthead etc."
    "It is regretful that this action becomes necessary for it will
    reinforce the cross zonal differences for those who have chosen to
    harbor them."
    "Anyone wishing read/write access to the echo should contact their
    Z1 uplink at 1:123/500, 1:261/38, or 1:140/1, with their request
    Since taking this action, the NAB has been accused of "poisoning"
    Fidonet, but those who say things like this have generally been in
    the position of spitting out negative comments regarding the U.S.A.,
    and Canada to start with.
    Quite simply, the NAB decided that there was no reason we had to
    import traffic that was so damaging to Fidonet as we'd seen in the
    Fidonews echo, and there was no reason to be passing around a
    version of Fidonews that was consistently devoid of content.

    Sadly, some people have left fidonet this week:  Sean Dennis, 
    long time sysop of Paragon BBS, and maintainer of Cheepware doors
    essentially decided to leave us.  We'll miss you Sean!
    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 2		August 15 2011
                                  The Old School Toolbox
                           By Richard Webb, 1:116/901
    The big picture:  Backup planning is contingency planning
    Many thought about some sort of backup of data even before it was
    all stored electronically.  I'll bet you or someone you know stored
    copies of important papers in a safe deposit box at the bank, or
    copies of still others in a container in the chest freezer along
    with a side of beef or the deer shot last hunting season.  Maybe
    you had one of those "fireproof" metal boxes sold for the purpose
    somewhere around your home or office.   It's always been with us to
    some degree.  Then there are our institutions of higher learning
    and governments with their vast archives of data that need tending. 
    The digital revolution would appear to simplify many parts of these
    tasks.   We looked at some of those issues in the previous column.
    Still, good strategic planning when considering your backup regimen
    should be "all hazard" planning.  IF you listen to the folks who
    talk to you about protecting you and your loved ones from natural
    or manmade disasters this little catchphrase "all hazard" seems to
    be much in vogue these days.  Many of us don't even think about
    what our strategy is, we just pick up on what we learn from friends
    and associates, or learned in the course of our day to day work. 
    I'm guilty of this one.  Back in my busy hub days, my backup
    strategy was to feed the machine a fresh backup tape once a week,
    and the backup would be run as part of daily maintenance.  What
    backup strategies I employed in my day job were either mandated by
    the needs of the media, or developed because they fit the work flow
    without much thought to anything else.
    Now, let me tell you a little tale of a backup strategy developed
    on the fly.  This was the last day of my adventure marooned on
    Hospital Island, New Orleans, 2005.  I woke up that morning to a
    real emergency helping arrange for a chopper to airlift two
    critical patients off our roof that we couldn't adequately care
    for.  I learned soon after that we were going to be evacuated. 
    Where we were going I did not know.  I knew I'd be able to take
    with me what I could personally carry in my backpack.  
    The computer in the radio room at University hospital New Orleans
    which I owned had not been operating since Tuesday when our
    generator got flooded and we switched to battery power and small
    generators powering essential systems and charging batteries.  The
    generator which charged my large batteries, and an octopus of
    connections to batteries for portable radios, cell phones, etc also
    fed the refrigerator used by pharmacy in its new temporary location
    across the hall from us as their primary location in the basement
    was now completely inundated with flood water.  It's our last few
    hours at  the hospital, and I know that it isn't going to matter if
    we charge up all those batteries.  I unplugged my two battery
    chargers for my portable ham rigs, stowed them in our backpacks,
    then disconnected another plug bar full of cell phones charging. 
    Everybody who had a phone charging there was going to come and get
    it soon anyway.  Then I disconnected the big 12 volt gel cell which
    I was charging, it wasn't going to be needed again.  
    Neither was the other medusa-like nest of connectors to portable
    radio batteries for security that I tended, so it got disconnected
    too.  Having provided  some breathing room for the generator it was
    time to plug in my trusty Pentium 133 machine running dos 6.22 and
    my braille embosser, because I had a backup plan.  
    You'll note earlier in this series I stated that I was reminded of
    the importance of off site backups during Katrina.  Well, one thing
    I hadn't overlooked was my big dump of a database to a flat text
    file which contained my list of contacts, personal, lots of ham
    radio folks, family and friends, and most of my business contacts. 
    It was there because I did a lot of work in that radio room even
    before the storm, and I wanted that information ready to hand
    there, so I can't brag about having any foresight in that regard. 
    I had about 300 sheets of heavy paper suitable for braille
    embossing, tractor fed stuff of course.  So, I fed the embosser,
    fired up the computer, and started the print job from hell going. 
    Mister embosser does 20 characters per second.  It banged away for
    quite awhile, and I ended up with this big pile of fanfold on the
    floor behind the printer.  Rip from the printer, let it fold
    naturally, shove it in a backpack.  You see, I didn't know if I'd
    ever see that computer again.  I didn't know anything at all about
    the situation at my home in Slidell, Louisiana.  Was it still
    standing?  Had the trees fallen around and on it destroying
    everything within?  Had water inundated it?  I had no information. 
    I'd asked a couple of hams I heard working on that side of the lake
    to find out for me, but nobody had gotten back to me yet with any
    information.  I could only go on the assumption that my home was
    flooded or destroyed, and I'd have no access to the data on my
    machines at home.
    I figured that just dumping it to a floppy disk might help, *if I
    could find another computer eventually, but, wherever I went, there
    would be phones.  I could always use those phone numbers and
    addresses.  If the worst happened and I lost every computer I owned
    I could always transcribe this information from hardcopy into
    another database or even a flat text file when I again acquired
    one, but the paper backup, though expensive and heavier than that
    .floppy was going to be of potentially much more use.  The future
    was quite uncertain, and I was already thinking about getting
    myself a nice strong highball instead of Mr. Morrison's beer, and
    it wasn't even noon yet.  But, I knew what I needed to do, and had
    already thought about it earlier that week.  When evacuation was
    imminent I had a plan, and was ready to implement it.  That plan
    made access to the data its number one priority.  Storing that data
    digitally sure would have been easier on my back, but accessible
    was paramount.
    The more important the data we're backing up, the more important it
    is that we think about a lot more than just the software we use to
    store it, and the media we choose to hold it.  That braille printer
    was supposed to be moving home soon, but since it was at that
    hospital I made my contingency plan early in the week, and as soon
    as I knew that I could get some generator capacity without really
    robbing the overall operation I implemented it, and you have to
    admit, hardcopy is as old school as it gets.
    That hardcopy is good stuff, readable anywhere, but all those
    papers, photo albums and the like are sure bulky.  Picture your
    kids or grandkids going through your stuff after you're gone,
    trying to figure out what to keep, what to feed the dumpster.  A
    lot of stuff that might be interesting or useful in the future
    might find its way to that dumpster.  This is where our new digital
    world can really give us a boost, if we can just get past the big
    question of reliability and the other thorny issue of
    obscelescence.  But, don't forget that paper altogether.  You might
    still need it.  Be sure to capture that important information as
    hardcopy every once in awhile, and implement a strategy which plans
    for printing out a new copy every so often when performing backups.
    One thing I've learned in this process is to indicate the date on
    these printouts so I know which version I've got, and can easily
    ascertain which ones can be discarded.  After all, I've contact
    lists, radio frequency lists, all sorts of good info.  
    More next time.
    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 3		August 15 2011
    		 F O O D:  F O R   T H O U G H T
      F O O D     Even sysops have to eat!
      Want to contribute something here?  Send recipes, articles, reviews
      etc. to janis@filegate.net, or fidogazette@filegate.net.
    Roasted Chickpeas
         1 15-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed
         1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
         2 teaspoons ground cumin
         1 teaspoon dried marjoram
         1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
         1/4 teaspoon salt
    Place rack in upper third of oven; preheat to 450F.   Blot chickpeas dry
    and toss in a bowl with oil, cumin, marjoram, allspice and salt.  Spread on
    a rimmed baking sheet.  Bake, stirring once or twice, until browned and
    crunchy, 25 to 30 minutes.  Let cool on the baking sheet for 15 minutes.
    Cover and store at room temperature for up to 2 days.
    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 4		August 15 2011
    		 B B S    S O F T W A R E    L I S T
                            BBS Software List
                          Updated 29 July 2011
                    Maintained by ?
               Editors Emeritus: Robert Couture, Janis Kracht, 
                       Sean Dennis.
             M=Mailer  T=Tosser  B=BBS  D=Door  C=Comm/Terminal
             P=Points  E=Editor  I=Internet  U=Utility  #=Info
             F=TIC/SRIF Processor
             *=Software is available and may be registerable, 
               but no longer supported or updated.
             @=Website is operating but is no longer updated.
             ?=Software's updating/support status is unknown.
             O=Software is open source.
          This list contains BBS-related software that is available
          for registration (not necessarily supported), open source
          software and actively developed/supported software by its
          author.  Software listed may be available for DOS, Linux,
             OS/2 (eComStation), Windows (16 or 32 bit) and OSX.
    .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.
    |Software: Author     |Type |URL, Contact, Ver, Notes      Help Node|
    `- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -'
     Argus                |MI*? |http://www.ritlabs.com/en/products/argus/
                          |     | v3.210 on Mar 29 2001
     BinkleyTerm XE       |MO*  |http://btxe.sourceforge.net
                          |     | 2.60XE Beta-XH7 on Oct 22 2000
     BinkD                |MI?  |http://2f.ru/binkd/
                          |     | maloff@corbina.net
                          |     | v0.94 on Jul 24 2000 (Outdated)
                          |     |http://www.filegate.net/r50/aftnbinkd/
     D'Bridge             |MTCPE|http://www.net229.org/dbridge.htm 1:1/130 
       Nick Andre         |I    | v3.62 on June 4 2011
     FIDO-Deluxe IP       |MPUI |http://www.fido-deluxe.de.vu 2:2432/280
      Michael Haase       |     | m.haase@gmx.net
                          |     | v2.4 on Sep 26 2003
     FrontDoor, FD/APX:   |MITPC|http://www.defsol.se          2:201/330
      Definite Solutions  |?    | sales@defsol.se                
                          |     | v2.26SW & v2.33ml FD, v1.15 APX
     Husky Project        |MTPUI|http://husky.sourceforge.net/
                          |O?   | v1.9 RC2 on Apr 20 2010
     Taurus               |MI   |http://www.fidotel.com/public/forums/
     (based on Radius)    |?    |  taurus/index.htm
                          |     | v5.0 Jun 12 2006
                          |     | 
     T-Mail               |MI   |http://www.tmail.spb.ru (Russian only)
                          |?    | v2608 on Dec 12 2001
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     Crashmail II         |TO   |http://ftnapps.sourceforge.net/
                          |     | 
     FastEcho             |T    |http://www.softeq.de/Products/FastEcho/
                          |     | fastecho.html
                          |     | v1.46.1 on 13 Nov 2007
                          |     | Registration keys are free and available
                          |     | by request from the author
     Fidogate             |TUI? |http://www.fidogate.org
                          |     | v4.4.10 on Aug 27 2004
                          |     |
     FMail                |TO*? |http://fmail.sourceforge.net/
                          |     | v1.60 on Mar 8 2008
                          |     | Source code only!
     Squish               |T*   |http://www.filegate.net/maximus_bbs/
                          |     | v1.11R2 on Jan 1 2009
                          |     | Source code available in the Maximus BBS 
                          |     | archive: http://maximus.sourceforge.net
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     BBBS                 |BICTM|http://www.bbbs.net             2:22/222 
                          |     |  b@bbbs.net                     
                          |     | v4.01 on January 28 2007   
     EleBBS               |BO*? |http://www.elebbs.com
                          |     | v0.10.RC1 on Jun 9 2002
     Enthral BBS          |B    |http://enthralbbs.com          1:250/501
      Linux/BSD/OSX       |     | v0.429/Alpha on 14 October 2010
                          |     | Fidonet filebone SCENEENT
     Ezycom BBS           |BT   |http://www.ezycom-bbs.com      3:690/682
                          |     | v2.15g2 on Nov 16 2009
     GT Power             |B    |http://www.gtpowerbbs.com/                     
                          |     | v19.00
     Hermes II Project    |BT   |http://www.hermesbbs.com/
      Macintosh-based     |     | malyn@strangegizmo.com
                          |     | v3.5.10b3 
     Maximus BBS          |BO*  |http://www.filegate.net/maximus_bbs/
                          |     | v3.03
                          |     | Source code available at:
                          |     | http://maximus.sourceforge.net/
     MBSE BBS             |BIO? |http://mbse.sourceforge.net   2:280/2802
                          |     | mbroek@users.sourceforge.net
                          |     | v0.92.0 on Oct 16 2007
     Meltdown BBS         |UIO  |http://meltdown-bbs.sourceforge.net/
                          |     | v1.0b on Apr 26 2004
     Mystic BBS           |BO*  |http://www.mysticbbs.com
                          |     | v1.07.3 on May 13th 2001
     RemoteAccess BBS     |B?   |http://www.rapro.com             1:1/120
                          |     | bfmorse@rapro.com
                          |     | v2.62.2SW
     Renegade BBS         |B    |http://renegadebbs.info        1:129/305
                          |     | v1.10/DOS on 3 Oct 2009
     Spitfire BBS         |B?   |http://www.buffalocrk.com/
                          |     | mdwoltz@buffalocrk.com          
                          |     | v3.6 on Aug 20 1999
     Synchronet BBS       |BTIO |http://www.synchro.net         1:103/705
                          |     | v3.16 on 31 Dec 2006
     Telegard BBS         |B*   |http://www.telegard.net
                          |     | v3.09g2-sp4/mL on Dec 19 1999
     WildCat! Interactive |MTBEI|http://www.santronics.com
      Net Server, Platinum|     | sales@santronics.com
      Xpress: Santronics  |     | 
      Software, Inc.      |     | 
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     Allfix               |FIUT |http://www.allfix.com/          1:140/12
      Bob Seaborn         |     | v6.0.22 on 26 January 2011
     NEF/pk               |F    |http://nefpk.8m.com/
                          |     | v2.45b2 on 5 March 2000                     
     TinyTIC              |FO   |http://ftnapps.sourceforge.net/
                          |     |                               1:120/544
     VIReq                |FO   |http://ftnapps.sourceforge.net/
                          |     |                               1:120/544
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     Cheepware            |DU   |http://kd5col.info/cheepware.html
      Sean Dennis         |     | sdennis72@gmail.com            1:18/200
                          |     | Fidonet filebone CH-WARE 
     DDS (Doorware        |D@   |http://www.doorgames.org     
      Distribution System)|     | ruth@doorgames.org
      Ruth Argust         |     |
     Jibben Software      |D*   |http://www.jibbensoftware.com/
                          |     |  bbs-door-games.cfm
                          |     | scott@jibben.com
                          |     | 1995-99 Release dates
     John Dailey Software |DU?  |http://www.johndaileysoftware.com
     Shining Star         |D*   |http://www.shiningstar.net/bbsdoors/
                          |     | nannette@shiningstar.net
                          |     | Doors are still registerable via website
     Sunrise Doors:       |D    |http://www.sunrisedoors.com
      Al Lawrence         |     | al@sunrisedoors.com
                          |     | Tel: (404) 256-9518
     T1ny's Software      |DU   |http://www.tinysbbs.com/files/tsoft/
      Shawn Highfield     |     | shighfield@gmail.com          1:229/452
                          |     | Fidonet filebone CH-WARE
     The Brainex System   |D    |http://www.brainex.com/brainex_system/
                          |     | stanley@brainex.com
                          |     | 1994-99 Releases
     Trade Wars           |D*   |http://www.eisonline.com/tradewars/
                          |     | jpritch@eisonline.com
                          |     | v3.09 (DOS-32) in 2002
     Vagabond Software    |DU*  |http://http://vbsoft.dhakota.org
                          |     | d@dhakota.org 
                          |     | Last update: Apr 11 2008
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     CrossPoint (XP)      |P?   |http://www.crosspoint.de (German only)
                          |     | pm@crosspoint.de
                          |     | v3.12d  on Dec 22 1999
     FreeXP               |P    |http://www.freexp.de (German only)
                          |     | support@freexp.de
                          |     | v3.42 on Jun 27 2010
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     GoldEd+              |EO*? |http://golded-plus.sourceforge.net/
                          |     | v1.1.5 (Snapshot) on Apr 29 2010
                          |     | NOTE: Unstable versions released often
     SqEd32               |E    |http://www.sqed.de            2:2476/493
                          |     | v1.15 on Dec 15 1999
                          |     | Website is in German and English
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     JamNNTPd             |UIO  |http://ftnapps.sourceforge.net/
                          |     |                               1:120/544
     Internet Rex         |UI?  |http://members.shaw.ca/InternetRex/
                          |     | telnet://xanadubbs.ca         1:342/806
                          |     | v2.29 on Oct 21st 2001
     TransNet             |UIO? |http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mressl/
                          |     | transnet/index.html
                          |     | transnet@ressl.com.ar
                          |     | v2.11 on Sep 13 2007
     Ifmail               |UIO  |http://ifmail.sourceforge.net
                          |     | crosser@average.org         
     MakeNL               |UO   |http://www.filegate.net/coordutl/
                          |     | v3.2.9 on Feb 1 2010
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     Telnet/Dialup BBS    |#    |http://www.telnetbbsguide.com   1:275/89
      Guide               |     | Maintained by Dave Perrussel
                          |     | This is probably the most updated BBS
                          |     | list on the Internet for a general
                          |     | BBS list.
     Synchronet BBS List  |#    |http://www.synchro.net/sbbslist.html
                          |     | Maintained automatically
                          |     | This list is specifically for
                          |     | Synchronet-based BBS systems and is
                          |     | automatically updated nightly. 
     The BBS Corner       |#    |http://www.bbscorner.com
                          |     | This website is more than just files,
                          |     | it's an encyclopedia of knowledge for
                          |     | BBS sysops and people who want to
                          |     | become sysops.  This site is run by
                          |     | the same person who does the Telnet
                          |     | BBS Guide.
    +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
     File Archives:
      http://sysopscorner.thebbs.org (site is no longer maintained)
      http://hobbes.nmsu.edu (OS/2 specific)
      http://www.filegate.net/ (FTP access via port 60721)
     Note: Most also provide FTP access (use ftp instead of http above)
     The BBS Software List is published monthly in the FidoGazette.
     If you have corrections, suggestions or additions to the information
     above, please contact Sean Dennis with your information via the
     FIDOGAZETTE echo, netmail at 1:18/200 or email at sysop@kd5col.info.
    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 5		August 15 2011
    		 B B S  L I S T I N G S
    !!!        G A Z E T T E   B B S   L I S T        !!!
    By bbslist @ filegate.net    
    Send updates, changes to address above or to janis @ filegate.net.
    System.......Capitol City Online
    Software.....GT Power
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First Call access to most of BBS upon finishing
                 new user questionnaire
                 telnet access to GT Power BBS - same as dial-up
                 This site runs Synchronet under linux.  Requires
                 separate user registration.  Has same message
                 areas as dial-up/telnet bbs.
    System.......Christian Fellowship
    Software.....PCBoard 15.3
    OS...........Windows XP pro
    C/B Verify...Manually via email or voice 
                 usually within 24 hours.
    Access.......Read only until verified. Once 
                 verified write access to Msg bases, file 
                 areas, chat and doors/games.
    Telnet.......cfbbs.dtdns.net or cfbbs.no-ip.com
    System.......Lightning BBS
    Software.....Virtual Advanced
    OS...........Windows XP
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First call access to doors, files and
                 message reading.  Message posting requires 
                 Thanks to VADV-PHP you can access almost 
                 everything the BBS has to offer from the
                 web, with the exception of door games.
    System.......Lionsden BBS
    OS...........Windows XP
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
                 telnet access offers full features
                 of the standard bbs such as doors, 
        	 qwkmail, Files, etc.
                 You will redirected to a menu where you can 
                 choose one of three sites.  The first one is 
                 private and requires PW to get into.
    FTP..........FTP://lionsden.darktech.org Files only
    System.......Prism BBS
    Software.....BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Dada-1
    OS...........Linux (Ubuntu)
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, 
                 file areas, all features of the BBS.
                 telnet access offers full features 
                 of the standard bbs such as doors,
                 qwkmail, BWmail,Files, chat, group chat,
                 web interface is limited to reading messages 
                 and replying online, or downloading messages 
                 in qwk packets, but not uploading them,
                 file download access, guest account.
    FTP:	     filegate.net, port 60721. 
                 public access to file areas (please 
          	     note change of port for public access).
    System.......Roach Guts BBS 
    Software.....Maximus on Port 23 (primary)
                 Synchronet on Port 24 (temporary)
    OS...........Windows XP
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First call access to doors, files and
                 message reading.  Message posting requires
    System.......Shenk's Express
    OS...........WIN XP
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First Call access
                 This site is the coordinator for Battlenet, a large
                 BRE league with 7 BRE games.  Also hosting 2 FE
                 league games. 
    System.......Time Warp of the Future BBS
    Software.....sbbs 3.15b (very beta)
    OS...........win. (xp pro. sp3)
    C/B Verify...None
    Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
    Telnet.......time.synchro.net:24 or time.darktech.org:24
                 or timewarpfuture.dyndns.org:24
                 telnet access offers full features 
                 of the standard bbs such as doors,
                 messages or file area etc.
                 Web interface is limited really to reading messages 
                 and replying online, or downloading messages in qwk 
                 packets, but not uploading them, and file download access. 
                 SBBS files available.
    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 6		August 15 2011
    Fidogazette is published by Janis Kracht, Editor, with the help of
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    Where to Send Your Articles
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    there is a sparcity of articles for the 'zine.  I'd MUCH rather
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    Don't worry about the format, I can take anything you send me
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    FIDOGAZETTE Vol 5 No 12		Page 7		August 15 2011
     Published with MakeNews by Janis Kracht