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    News from the Z1C..........................................(2)
    New and Returning Members..................................(2)
    New on the FileGate........................................(3)
    Slightly Crusty SysOp......................................(6)
    New UPDATED! Fidonet Compatible Software List
      BBS/Mailers/Utilities List...............................(7)
    FidoGazette BBS List.......................................(8)
    What, no Serial Ports??....................................(9)    
    Info (Where to Send Articles)..............................(10)
    Page i    
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010

    What week over here - or has it been two weeks?? (grin).  Motheboard
    died on my (pretty darn old) Athlon system..  So Ron gave me a spare 64
    bit system he had (aw :) )..  We'd bought it a while back, maybe 6
    months ago, in a super sale that we happened to catch at Staples.. 
    maybe it was the greatest deal we just happened to 'walk-in' on :).. 
    I remember Ron saying at the time, it would probably be a good system
    for your bbs/web server,etc.. and I just couldn't do it.. I said, no,
    the bbs doesn't need all that power, etc. (bg).. and look which one I
    grabbed Lol
    It's a Dell 531S with an internal modem which I got to work..  pretty
    much...  then the Dell started with strange problems with my wireless
    mouse and keyboard...  it was a WinModem trying to be ..ah...  nice (or
    not so nice) on the Dell..  so we bought a serial port for the Dell. 
    It was momentarily funny incident..  I'm looking at the box after I got
    various pieces of software installed..  and there is no serial port for
    the modem - Just WHEN did mfg'ers decide that serial ports were
    unnecessary ????  Personally, I was insulted (laugh)..
    I suppose people would call this a legacy problem ..  and folks wonder
    why Fidonet's growth is slow these day :) :) It's not that we require
    modems any more, but there _are_ a decent number of people in Zone 1
    who for one reason or another don't use the internet to get their
    mail..  I can understand that, and I'm happy to see modem users in Zone
    1.  To me, it's more than the historical aspect of things..  I think
    it's a necessity these days..  when ISPs go down, or storms/floods wipe
    out DSL, ADSL lines, etc., who will be able to continue getting mail in
    a timely basis?   Not those depending on the internet, that's for
    I'm not saying that internet connections don't have any future
    in Fidonet, we all know they do and they have for a while...  but in
    the end, I'm hoping we see a resurgence of POTS lines, with maybe even
    radio-shack 'switches' to go between Modem and voice lines (g). It used
    to be quite common in Fidonet for SysOps to only have one phone line,
    and use switches and ring tones to go detect 'who or what' was calling
    Just my take on things :)

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    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010

    Notes From The Z1C
    It would seem to be insane to hope to join fidonet sometimes..  kind of
    sick..  This IS NOT going to help Fidonet..  And though I know for a
    fact sometimes nodes aren't quite 'ready', it would be nice if someone
    could help those having trouble, if that's the problem.  R14 has agreed
    to give a home to a couple of the nodes* below who've been waiting
    quite a long time to get in the nodelist.     (Thanks Jon :))

    New/Returning SysOps:
    Made it in the nodelist - Hey welcome :)

    * Michael Capp             R 11 1:120/602     
    * John Meeks               R 18 Nashville, TN 
    * Kris Jones               R 18 Clearwater, FL
    * Mike Soper               R 19 Midland Texas

    -=-Still Waiting-=- :(
    Eric Oulashin              R 17 Eugene, OR  
    Shanta McBain              R 17 Enderby, BC 
    Sam Bright                 R 17 Wasilla, AK * 
    Jesse Cussins              R 10 Las Vegas, Nevada 
    Jason McManus              R 10             
    Harvey Simpson             R 18 Joelton, TN  
    Christopher D. Coccimiglio R 12 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    Robert Ridigns             Z3, New Zealand
    In the Works:
    Bob Burba                  R11 Dayton, OH  USA    
    Den Gusev                  Z2 Vorkuta, Russia

    Page 2

     T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010

    New on the Filegate:
    % FDN:          bbs-scene.org FDN
    % Coordinator:  Frank Linhares, 1:250/100
    % Internet:     http://bbs-scene.org
    % Backbone conference: BBS-SCENE
    % HUB: Yes
    % ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    % File Echo                   Description
    Area SCENEMOD    0     !       SCENE: Doors and Mods for bbs-scene.org
    Area SCENELST    0     !       SCENE: bbs-scene.org bbs list
    Area SCENEENT    0     !       SCENE: Enthral BBS Support
    Area SCENEUHQ    0     *&      SCENE: Upstream to bbs-scene.org HQ
    Thanks Frank!  Sounds like a great idea.    
    Page 3
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010
    |Dr. Debug|
    Mailers and EchoMail setup Problems:

    Can't cover them all there, and this shouldn't be taken to replace YOUR
    docs, but hopefully enough examples can help you someday :)
    Q: My mailer isn't working.. it was fine before today..
    A1: Check for corrupted files.. if you're using an ARCMail attach
    mailer like FD, check the status of your nodelist..  you may just need
    a new copy of the nodelist.  Once you'd replaced the nodelist, you'd
    need to run your fd nodelist data compiler (fdnc)...  You can always
    pick up a 'fresh' nodelist at
    http://www.filegate.net/nodelist/nodelist.z??  where ??  is the week
    number (like 89, etc.)
    A2: If you are using BBBS, did you run bcfg4  and save the config
    (esc+save rather than esc+ exit, no save) when you
    had your bbs nodes running?  Did you have any users on your system? 
    that's a no-no unless you have specific semiphore files in your bbbs
    directory (see sysop.gui, 'Files in the bbbs directory').  If you did
    have nodes running when you saved bcfg4's config without semiphores
    limiting access,  a complete reinstall may be necessary :( Copy
    what you can from bcfg4 (node number, etc.) and make a copy of
    external.bbb with a different filename..  your new install may
    overwrite your old external.bbb (depends on how you do the reinstall).
    In copying external.bbb to some other name, you'll preserve your
    passwords and file echo prefs for downlinks and uplinks.  You'll still
    have to add all your echos with global:confs F5 to pull in a list like
    backbone.na, but you'll have who gets what in your old external.bbb
    A3: Argus, Radius clones:    
     First check the obvious things.. the paths to your archivers, your node
    number, routing,  etc.  If you still get errors, check
    http://www.filegate.net/zone1/ar-index.html for step-by-step setup of
    Argus.. the other clones should be close ...
    A4: if you're running Binkd, check out my setup (old one,but it's a
    good example) at http://www.filegate.net/zone1/binkd.html
    For the line that runs binkd, I'm now running 1.0, so I run it with
    ./binkd10 binkd.cfg -q
    Q: My Echmail setup stopped working!
    A1: FD    
    Maybe someone will fill in for this - It's been a while since I ran FD
    A2: BBBS:
    Go to you're [echomail] section in BBBS's external.bbb
    gr tag                          bbsname                       AddAkas    
    X 10TH_AMD                      fido.10TH_AMD                 1:261/100   
    [wraps] flags Export
    [wraps] SV    1:123/500 

     Check for the obvious.. is that YOUR aka under akas?  That's what you
     want there, or just a - (dash) if you don't need to list akas.  The
     reason I do is because I toss all my mail as 1:261/38, but also have
     some people connecting to 261/100.  Next, make sure the node who's
     getting the echo from you or who is delivering it is in your [nodes]
     section, and make sure he's got the X flag (under the [echomail]
     section, it's the first letter in the line) in the [nodes] flag
     ; node      spass   apass   ppass   tpass gr  st pa route
     ; --------- ------- ------- ------- ----- --- -- -- -----
     1:123/500   passwd  passwd  passwd  passwd XFG  C  2   1:123/*
     So 123/500 gets any echos in groups X, F or G.. in other words, echos
     with those letters in the first spot in the [echomail] section.. 
     Also, check the paths to your archivers.. be sure they are where you
     have said they are in external.bbb (normally the default install gets
     them right).

    A3: SBBS (synchronet)    
    Again.. check your archiver paths, and make sure your inbound path and
    outbound paths match with whatever paths you've set up in the mailer
    you're using (Binkd, argus, radius, etc.).  Check in your sync setup to
    make sure that if you're using Binkd, you've got Binkley Outbounds
    selected (or I think the program uses the term B-O for binkley outbounds).
    Here's a set up for SBBSEcho that Robert Starr sent me a
    while back so you might as well check that as well :)  This set up
    would be for a node connecting to me as their uplink (1:261/38) who is
    running SBBS - FLO mailer means the node is using one of the Argus
    clones (ArcMail Attach, not B-O).
     ===========cut here========start sbbsecho config==========
     NOTIFY 1
     LOGFILE d:\sbbs\data\logs\sbbsecho.log         (can change)
     LOG ALL
     INBOUND d:\sbbs\radius\inbox\                  (comment: can change, for
                                                              each ftn program)
     SECURE_INBOUND d:\sbbs\radius\inbox\secure\    (comment: can change, for
                                                              each ftn program)
     OUTBOUND d:\sbbs\radius\outbox\                (comment: can change, for
                                                              each ftn program)
     DIRECT 1:261/38
     PACKER ZIP 0 504B
     PACK %!pkzip %f %s
     UNPACK %!pkunzip %f %s
     USEPACKER  ZIP 1:261/38 1:ALL 2:ALL 3:ALL 4:ALL 5:ALL 6:ALL 10:ALL
     AREAFIX    1:261/38 ******
     ROUTE_TO   1:261/38 1:261/38 1:ALL 2:ALL 3:ALL 4:ALL 5:ALL 6:ALL
     =================cut here======end sbbsecho config========

     This node routes all his netmail through my system so if he say wants
     to send a netmail to someone in Zone2, SBBS will route it to me, and
     my system will forward it to Zone 2.    

    Page 4

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010
    F  O  O  D      Even sysops have to eat!
    By Janis Kracht, 1:261/38
    Want to contribute something here?  Send your submission to fidogazette
    'at' filegate.net or email janis at filegate.net, or janis kracht at
    1:261/38 (binkp filegate.net) and it will get published here in the
    next issue :)
    Apple/Bluberry Cake
    This is a cake/bread my grandma always had in her freezer for when
    people popped in on her..  we always loved it, and I was so glad my Mom
    had the recipe..  Grandma's recipe was originally just apples, raisins,
    and pecans...  I added bluberries since I had about a cup or so, and
    didn't want them to go unused :) When I add bluberries to this, I skip
    the raisins.
    Preheat oven to 350F
    4 cups diced fresh apples
    [optional: about a cup of fresh bluberries, see note*]
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
    3/4 cup vegetable oil
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    2 eggs beaten
    3 cups unsifted flour [see note*]
    2 teaspoons baking powder
    2 teaspoons baking soda
    2 teaspoons cinnamon
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 cup chopped pecans
    [optional: 1 cup chopped raisins, see note*]
    Grease 2-9x5" bread pans.
    Combine apples, sugar and the 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon and let stand for
    30-35 minutes, or until the juices run from the apples.  Combine oil,
    vanilla, eggs and add to the apple mixture.  *Stir in the blueberries if
    you're using them.  If you use frozen, you'll have to add about 2-3
    tablespoons more flour to the mix below. When I add blueberries, I
    skip the raisins in this recipe.
    Combine the flour, baking powder, soda and 2 teaspoons cinnamon, salt
    and mix well into the fruit mixture.  *Stir in the raisins and chopped
    pecans.  Pour into the prepared bread pans.  Bake for 45 minutes or
    until a cake tester comes out clean.
    *Note: if you use frozen blueberries, you may have to add about another
    5 minutes or so to the baking time.
    Page 5

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010
    The Slightly Crusty Sysop
    Sean Dennis
    It's been a long while since I've written a column.  Unfortunately,
    life threw me a hard curveball and I've yet to recover completely for
    it, but I'm here now.  Up here in the mountains, the leaves are turning
    brilliant reds and oranges; makes for a spectacular sight if you drive
    up into the higher elevations where it's been colder than it has been
    down here in the valleys.
    With the cooler weather comes more activity in Fidonet and BBSing in
    general.  I've noticed a little uptick in activity so far but not much. 
    Maybe this is a good time to introduce former BBS users and sysops back
    to the fun and fellowship that BBSing brings.  You could also introduce
    new people to BBSing-seems there's a resurgance in "old technology"
    these days with all the hubbub and noise of the Internet.
    Thankfully things have been mellow so far in Fidonet these days from
    what I've seen; more people getting along and talking about things they
    have in common rather than argue.  Then again, I've not visited a
    Fidonet administration echo in a long time.  
    Not much else to write about...Janis is about to put this issue out and
    I promised her I'd have something to put in this issue.  I'll try to
    write more next month when things are hopefully settled down around my
    house and I can concentrate more.
    As always, your comments are welcome-your flames are not.  Please
    netmail me at 1:18/200 with the subject line containing "Crusty Sysop".
    Page 6

    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010

    I'm frequently asked by folks either just joining or coming back to
    Fidonet about what software options there are these days for Fidonet
    nodes.  This is a list of Fidonet compatible software put together by
    Robert Couture, who was one of our past SysOps, RC, and FileGate HUB. 
    Thanks to Sean Dennis for comletely rewriting this list, and taking
    over it's updating for FidoGazette :)
                              BBS Software List

                           Updated 14 October 2010
                      Maintained by Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
                 Editors Emeritus: Robert Couture, Janis Kracht

         Type: M=Mailer  T=Tosser  B=BBS  D=Door  C=Comm/Terminal
               P=Points  E=Editor  I=Internet  U=Utility  F=Info
               *=Software is available, but no longer supported
                 or updated.
               @=Website is operating but is no longer updated.
               ?=Software's updating/support status is unknown.
               O=Software is open source.

     .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.
     |Software: Author     |Type |URL, Contact, Ver, Notes      Help Node|
     `- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -'

      Argus                |MI*? |http://www.ritlabs.com/en/products/argus/
                           |     | v3.210 on Mar 29 2001

      BinkleyTerm XE       |MO*  |http://btxe.sourceforge.net
                           |     | 2.60XE Beta-XH7 on Oct 22 2000

      BinkD                |MI?  |http://2f.ru/binkd/
                           |     | maloff@corbina.net
                           |     | v0.94 on Jul 24 2000 (Outdated)
                           |     |http://www.filegate.net/r50/aftnbinkd/

      FIDO-Deluxe IP       |MPUI |http://www.fido-deluxe.de.vu 2:2432/280
       Michael Haase       |     | m.haase@gmx.net
                           |     | v2.4 on Sep 26 2003

      FrontDoor, FD/APX:   |MITPC|http://www.defsol.se          2:201/330
       Definite Solutions  |?    | sales@defsol.se                
                           |     | v2.26SW & v2.33ml FD, v1.15 APX

      Husky Project        |MTPUI|http://husky.sourceforge.net/
                           |O?   | v1.9 RC2 on Apr 20 2010
      Taurus               |MI   |http://www.fidotel.com/public/forums/
      (based on Radius)    |?    |  taurus/index.htm
                           |     | v5.0 Jun 12 2006
                           |     | 

      T-mail               |MI   |http://www.tmail.spb.ru (Russian only)
                           |?    | v2608 on Dec 12 2001

      WildCat! Interactive |MTBEI|http://www.santronics.com
       Net Server, Platinum|     | sales@santronics.com
       Xpress: Santronics  |     | 
       Software, Inc.      |     | 
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      Fidogate             |TUI  |http://www.fidogate.org
                           |?    | v4.4.10 on Aug 27 2004
                           |     |

      FMail                |TO*? |http://fmail.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | v1.60 on Mar 8 2008
                           |     | Source code only!

      JetMail: JetSys      |TU   |http://www.jetsys.de         2:2432/1101
      (ATARI ST only)      |     | js@jetsys.de
                           |     | v1.01 on Jan 1st 2000

      Squish               |T*   |http://www.filegate.net/maximus_bbs/
                           |     | v1.11R2 on Jan 1 2009 
                           |     | 

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      BBBS                 |BICTM|http://www.bbbs.net             2:22/222 
                           |     |  b@bbbs.net                     
                           |     | v4.01 on January 28 2007   
      EleBBS               |BO*? |http://www.elebbs.com
                           |     | v0.10.RC1 on Jun 9 2002

      Ezycom BBS           |BT   |http://www.ezycom-bbs.com      3:690/682
                           |     | v2.15g2 on Nov 16 2009

      Hermes II Project    |BT   |http://www.hermesbbs.com/
       Macintosh-based     |     | malyn@strangegizmo.com
                           |     | v3.5.10b3 

      Maximus BBS          |BO*  |http://www.filegate.net/maximus_bbs/
                           |     | v3.03
                           |     | Source code available at:
                           |     | http://maximus.sourceforge.net/

      MBSE BBS:            |BIO? |http://mbse.sourceforge.net   2:280/2802
       Michiel Broek       |     | mbroek@users.sourceforge.net
                           |     | v0.92.0 on Oct 16 2007

      Mystic BBS           |BO*  |http://www.mysticbbs.com
                           |     | v1.07.3 on May 13th 2001

      RemoteAccess BBS:    |B?   |http://www.rapro.com             1:1/120
       Bruce Morse         |     | bfmorse@rapro.com
                           |     | v2.62.2SW

      Spitfire BBS: Buffalo|B?   |http://www.buffalocrk.com/
       Creek Software      |     | mdwoltz@buffalocrk.com          
                           |     | v3.6 on Aug 20 1999

      Synchronet BBS       |BTIO |http://www.synchro.net         1:103/705
                           |     | v3.13a on Sep 2005

      Telegard BBS         |B*   |http://www.telegard.net
                           |     | v3.09g2-sp4/mL on Dec 19 1999
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      Cheepware            |DU   |http://kd5col.info/cheepware.html
       Sean Dennis         |     | sdennis72@gmail.com            1:18/200

      DDS (Doorware        |D@   |http://www.doorgames.org     
       Distribution System)|     | ruth@doorgames.org
       Ruth Argust         |     |

      Jibben Software      |D*   |http://www.jibbensoftware.com/
                           |     |  bbs-door-games.cfm
                           |     | scott@jibben.com
                           |     | 1995-99 Release dates

      John Dailey Software |DU?  |http://www.johndaileysoftware.com

      Shining Star         |D*   |http://www.shiningstar.net/bbsdoors/
                           |     | nannette@shiningstar.net

      Sunrise Doors:       |D    |http://www.sunrisedoors.com
       Al Lawrence         |     | al@sunrisedoors.com
                           |     | Tel: (404) 256-9518

      The Brainex System   |D    |http://www.brainex.com/brainex_system/
                           |     | stanley@brainex.com
                           |     | 1994-99 Releases

      Trade Wars           |D*   |http://www.eisonline.com/tradewars/
                           |     | jpritch@eisonline.com
                           |     | v3.09 (DOS-32) in 2002
      Vagabond Software:   |DU*  |http://http://vbsoft.dhakota.org
       Bryan Turner        |     | d@dhakota.org 
                           |     | last update: Apr 11 2008

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+
      CrossPoint (XP)      |P?   |http://www.crosspoint.de (German only)
                           |     | pm@crosspoint.de
                           |     | v3.12d  on Dec 22 1999

      FreeXP               |P    |http://www.freexp.de (German only)
                           |     | support@freexp.de
                           |     | v3.42 on Jun 27 2010
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      GoldEd+              |EO*? |http://golded-plus.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | v1.1.5 (Snapshot) on Apr 29 2010

      SqEd32               |E    |http://www.sqed.de            2:2476/493
                           |     | v1.15 on Dec 15 1999
                           |     | Website is in German and English

     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      Internet Rex:        |UI?  |http://members.shaw.ca/InternetRex/
       Charles Cruden      |     | telnet://xanadubbs.ca         1:342/806
       (Khan Software)     |     | v2.29 on Oct 21st 2001

      TransNet             |UIO? |http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mressl/
                           |     |  transnet/index.html
                           |     | transnet@ressl.com.ar
                           |     | v2.11 on Sep 13 2007

      Ifmail               |UIO  |http://ifmail.sourceforge.net
                           |     | crosser@average.org         
      Meltdown-BBS         |UIO  |http://meltdown-bbs.sourceforge.net/
                           |     | v1.0b on Apr 26 2004

      MakeNL               |UO   |http://www.filegate.net/coordutl/
                           |     | v3.2.9 on Feb 1 2010
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      Telnet/Dialup BBS    |F    |http://www.telnetbbsguide.com   1:275/89
       Guide               |     | Maintained by Dave Perrussel
                           |     | This is probably the most updated BBS
                           |     | list on the Internet for a general
                           |     | BBS list.
      Synchronet BBS List  |F    |http://www.synchro.net/sbbslist.html
                           |     | Maintained automatically
                           |     | This list is specifically for
                           |     | Synchronet-based BBS systems and is
                           |     | automatically updated nightly. 
     +- - - - - - - - - - -+- - -+- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -+

      File Archives:

       http://archives.thebbs.org          http://www.filegate.net/
       http://www.bbscorner.com             (FTP access via port 60721)
         (OS/2 specific)

      Note: most also provide FTP access
            (use ftp:// instead of http:// above)

      If you have corrections, suggestions or additions to the information
      above, please contact Sean Dennis with your information via netmail
      at 1:18/200 (preferred) or email at sdennis72@gmail.com.

    Page 7 
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010

	!!!        G A Z E T T E   B B S   L I S T        !!!
	By bbslist @ filegate.net    
	Send updates, changes to address above or to janis @ filegate.net.

	System.......Christian Fellowship
	Software.....PCBoard 15.3
	OS...........Windows XP pro
	C/B Verify...Manually via email or voice 
	             usually within 24 hours.
	Access.......Read only until verified. Once 
	             verified write access to Msg bases, file 
	             areas, chat and doors/games.
	Telnet.......cfbbs.dtdns.net or cfbbs.no-ip.com


	System.......Lightning BBS
	Software.....Virtual Advanced
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First call access to doors, files and
  	             message reading.  Message posting requires 
	             Thanks to VADV-PHP you can access almost 
	             everything the BBS has to offer from the
	             web, with the exception of door games.

	System.......Lionsden BBS
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
	             telnet access offers full features
     		   of the standard bbs such as doors, 
     		   qwkmail, Files, etc.
	             You will redirected to a menu where you can 
	             choose one of three sites.  The first one is 
	             private and requires PW to get into.
	FTP..........FTP://lionsden.darktech.org Files only


        System..........Nocturnal State BBS
        Software.....Ezycom v2.15g2
        OS...........OS/2 Warp 4.52
        C/B Verify...None
        Access.......Manual verification for full access
	System.......Prism BBS
	Software.....BBBS LiI v4.01 Flag #
	OS...........Linux (Ubuntu)
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, 
	             file areas, all features of the BBS.
	             telnet access offers full features 
	             of the standard bbs such as doors,
	             qwkmail, BWmail,Files, chat, group chat,
	             web interface is limited to reading messages 
	             and replying online, or downloading messages 
	             in qwk packets, but not uploading them,
	             file download access, guest account.
	FTP:	     ftp.filegate.net, port 60721. 
	             public access to file areas (please 
       		     note change of port for public access).

	System.......Roach Guts BBS 
	Software.....Maximus on Port 23 (primary)
	             Synchronet on Port 24 (temporary)
	OS...........Windows XP
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First call access to doors, files and
       		     message reading.  Message posting requires

	System.......Time Warp of the Future BBS
	Software.....sbbs 3.15a (very beta)
	OS...........win. (xp pro. sp3)
	C/B Verify...None
	Access.......First Call access to Msg bases, and file areas.
	Telnet.......time.synchro.net:24 or time.darktech.org:24
	             or timewarpfuture.dyndns.org:24
	             telnet access offers full features 
	             of the standard bbs such as doors,
	             messages or file area etc.
	             Web interface is limited really to reading messages 
                     and replying online, or downloading messages in qwk 
                     packets, but not uploading them, and file download access. 
                     SBBS files available.


    Page 8

     T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number X    October, 2010
    What, no Serial Ports??    
    By Janis Kracht
    I guess it's a sign of how long I've been working with computers.. I
    really expected to see serial ports on that darn 64 bit Dell.  Guess I
    haven't been paying much attention to such things (g).
    I needed to get something going on it though, once I'd gotten the bbs's
    telnet and binkp nodes going.  The first modem I tried on the Dell was
    a Conexant Internal Data/fax modem.  I found the name of the modem
    inside the box with the lspci command:
    janis@filegate:~$ lspci

    [...lots of other info...]   
    01:09.0 Communication controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. HSF 56k
    Data/Fax Modem

    Ok, Cool, I thought, at least for now.  If I could get this going for
    just a few days, that would work until I got the serial port I needed
    for my U.S.Robotics V.Everything modem.
    A google seach for 'Ubuntu Conexant modem' brought me to this page:
    (How to configure your conexant modem with ubuntu)
    There was link for an HSF modem driver, which is what this beast was..
    but it was a link to a  shareware driver that operated at 14400 unless
    registered for $19.95 (GEEZ I hate crippleware) so I ignored that one
    and kept looking..
    I finally found this file at dell.com (dummy, why not go there first):
    It needed to be converted to a .deb file (preferable for ubuntu) or
    tar.gz so I could install it here easily.  There was a .deb version on
    Dell's ftp site, but it was for 32bit architecture and my system
    didn't like that one (g).
    Ubuntu's  'alien' command took care of that.. and created the .deb I
    needed..  seemed fine..  Once extracted/installed, I had new files in
    the /dev directory:
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 71 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF7
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 70 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF6
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 69 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF5
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 68 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF4
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 67 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF3
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 66 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF2
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 65 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF1
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 240, 64 2010-10-07 16:31 /dev/ttySHSF0
    along with the /dev/ttyS? files

    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 4, 67 2010-10-07 16:30 /dev/ttyS3
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 4, 66 2010-10-07 16:30 /dev/ttyS2
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 4, 65 2010-10-07 16:30 /dev/ttyS1
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 4, 64 2010-10-07 16:30 /dev/ttyS0
    though ttyS0 and the other ttyS?  files did nothing.
    BBBS didn't mind the funny ttySHSF0 name so for a few days all was
    well..  then the system locked up tight..  and made some horrific
    growling noises as the dual CPUs over heated repeatedly, and the fan
    went quite crazy :( :( The dual CPUs on the system got so hot you could
    feel it through the box..  I KNEW we had to get a serial port and get
    the USRobotics modem going before that darn driver killed the CPUs :(
    The Conexant modem was a Win-Modem after all so it didn't surprise me
    that a programmer developing this driver for Linux could have had some
    bugs in the driver (g).
    We bought a MosChip 9865, 2 port serial card.  My system saw that card
    as soon as I rebooted after putting it in, so now lspci reported:

    01:09.0 Communication controller: Conexant Systems, Inc. HSF 56k
            Data/Fax Modem
    01:0a.0 Serial controller: NetMos Technology PCI 9865 Multi-I/O
    01:0a.1 Serial controller: NetMos Technology PCI 9865 Multi-I/O
    Someone told me to make sure I disabled the internal modem if I was
    going to use my trusty exeternal USRobotic's modem.. but guess what..
    under linux if you don't plug a phone line into the back of the system,
    it doesn't care :) Makes plenty of sense if you check the irq's the two
    modems use.. both installs told me what interrupt the modems would be
    using but a look at /proc/interrupts displays it as well:
    17:          3       1344   IO-APIC-fasteoi   hsfpcibasic2

    18:          0         30   IO-APIC-fasteoi   mcs9865-serial
    19:        168     160730   IO-APIC-fasteoi   mcs9865-serial
    So once again I was on a search for a recent driver for the serial
    card..  We'd bought the card at a local computer shop, so not
    surprisingly, the driver it came with didn't seem very 'new' (we and
    the salesperson had to dig around the shop for that card (g))...So I
    went to moschip.com and found one from 2009.. (thanks for the comment
    in Z1C, Jerry :) )
    The driver needed to be compiled, but the PDf file it came with was
    simple to follow..  Put the archive in Root's Desktop directory,
    extract the file with the command 'tar xvzf filename' and type make,
    then make install.  boom..  that was it..  I now had:
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 201, 0 2010-10-07 19:31 /dev/ttyD0
    crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 201, 1 2010-10-14 01:28 /dev/ttyD1

    plus all the other tty* files above.. :)  I plugged in the modem into
    one of the ports, moved the bbs phone line from the conexant into the
    USRobotics modem, told BBBS the new name for the port, and that was it
    (grin).  Needless to say, I'm a happy camper :)
    Page 9    
    T h e   F i d o G a z e t t e!   Volume IV   Number VII    July, 2010
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