FidoGazette ** Volume 1 Number 4 ** 22 October 2007
     The FidoGazette: An Alternative Fidonet Newsletter
     Editor: Sean Dennis - 1:1/23 -

     "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his
      home." - Ken Olsen, President, Digital Equipment, 1977

                        Table of Contents
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        The Best Time of Year  ....................................  1
     2. ARTICLES  .................................................  3
        Apple Pastry Napolitano  ..................................  3
        New Location for the Region 19 Site  ......................  3
     3. STATIC STUFF  .............................................  5
        BBS Lists  ................................................  5
     4. FIDOGAZETTE INFORMATION  ..................................  6
     FGAZ 1-04                    Page 1                   22 Oct 2007


     The Best Time of Year
     By Sean Dennis (1:18/200)

     It's my favorite time of year again: autumn...when the heat
     down here in Georgia dies down a little (we're still in the
     80s) and the nights are cool and crisp, which is a good thing
     since I work nights.  Already I'm seeing Christmas decorations
     and other things in stores, which really doesn't make sense
     to me since it's not Christmas yet in my mind.  The day after
     Thanksgiving was the traditional time in my family that we'd
     put up our Christmas tree.

     Right now, though, Halloween is on our minds in our household.
     My wife is going to be carving a couple of pumpkins soon and
     she's heading to a costume party on Halloween.  Where will I
     be?  At work, of course!  I have the honor of working Halloween,
     Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then again, my pocketbook won't be
     hollering too much at me.

     It's also the season that I start to see a bit more traffic in
     Fidonet, as people are driven indoors by the weather and decide
     to start chatting more in Fidonet.  I've seen quite a few new
     boards go up here recently, but many of the sysops refuse to
     join Fidonet.

     Why?  Well, to put it simply, in their mind, Fidonet is nothing
     but a bunch of old stuffy sysops arguing to no end about rather
     inane things and not actually enjoying the community and camradrie
     that should be inherent in such a setting.  They also tell me that
     it's "too hard" to set up and use Fidonet, but I think that the
     poliferation of QWK-style networking built into Synchronet may be
     the root of that idea (however, if they'd look, Synchronet is no
     harder to set up FTN than QWK).

     So, what can we, as a community, do about this?  Granted, we've all
     contributed in some way to this warped view of Fidonet.  I know I
     have and am trying to better myself to refrain from getting into
     arguments that just turn into ad hominem attacks that degrade into
     plain and simple flamewars.  Nobody needs that.

     I don't have any answers myself.  Being a member of Fidonet for over
     ten years now, my view is probably rather biased and jaded about what
     we can do and/or not do.  I still enjoy being in Fidonet as I've made
     lifelong friends through the network and even to this day, it's my
     favorite hobby aside from my ham radio tinkering (although, lately,
     with the lousy propagation, it's not been so enjoyable).  I moderate
     six echoes and run the FidoGazette, so I guess that should say
     something about my interest in and hopes for Fidonet.

     Maybe in this holiday season, we should be thankful that Fidonet's
     lasted for 23 years already and for what it is, it seems to be going
     FGAZ 1-04                    Page 2                   22 Oct 2007

     pretty strong.  We should try to resolve our differences and try to
     keep Fidonet thriving-not just alive, but thriving-and see to it
     that Fidonet just doesn't become another thing of the past.

     My thoughts may be idealistic and unrealistic, but perhaps we can all
     work together to create a stronger and more cohesive organization.


     FGAZ 1-04                    Page 3                   22 Oct 2007


     Apple Pastry Napolitano
     By Janis Kracht, 1:261/38

     This was my grandmother's recipe - I once saw a show where Mario
     Batali was opening a new restaurant in Manhatten - and this was one
     of the desserts he featured.  I thought it looked familiar :)

     6-8 medium apples, peeled, cored, sliced.
     10 almonds
     1/2 cup golden raisins
     1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
     2 tablespoons butter, room temperature.
     5 tablespoons sugar
     1 teaspoon grated lemon rind

     3/4 cup flour
     1 tablespoon olive oil
     1 teaspoon salt
     Enough milk to moisten

     Mix filling ingredients and let stand while you make the pastry.  Put
     the pastry ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Let the pastry sit for 5
     or 10 minutes.  Form a ball of the dough.  The dough should be soft,
     but not sticky.  Turn dough out on a floured board and knead a few
     minutes.  Flatten and stretch the dough from the center with your
     hands.  Keep stretching to a large thin sheet (similar to pizza).
     Spread the Apple filling mix over the pastry.  Roll the pastry
     starting from the back toward you. Pinch any holes together that may
     form.  Pinch the edges together to seal the pastry.  Cut the roll in
     2 or 3 sections almost to the edge, pinching to close.  Lift the
     pasty onto a buttered cookie sheet. Bake at 350F for 20 minutes, or
     until golden brown.


     Location for the Region 19 Site
     By Frank Vest

     Jeff Schrunk informed me that he would be closing his server in the
     not to distant future. This left me seeking a new host for my domain
     and put the Region 19 site in jeopardy as well. I can't complain about
     the hosting Jeff provided and I wish him well.

     Since my new hosting allows a fair number of sub domains, I have
     moved the Region 19 site to:


     FGAZ 1-04                    Page 4                   22 Oct 2007

     At least it now has a sub domain instead of just a directory on a

     For those that might have links to the old address, please make
     corrections to your links.

     For those that are curious, nothing much has changed on the site
     except for the URL.

     Frank Vest, Collin County Station


     FGAZ 1-04                    Page 5                   22 Oct 2007

                               STATIC STUFF

     BBS Lists
     By Sean Dennis

     If you're looking for a new BBS to try or are trying to find one from
     the past that may still be around, here's a few places to try:

     ** The BBS Corner's Telnet and Dial-Up BBS Guide
        Maintained by Dave Perrussel (1:275/89)

        Dave maintains one of the most up-to-date telnet and dial-up
        BBS lists in the world.  There are over 450 BBSes listed on
        his site.  You can get to the dial-up BBS guide by clicking
        on the "Dial-Up BBS Guide" link on the left side of the page
        under the "Other Useful Information" header.

     ** Synchronet BBS List
        Automatic maintenance

        The Synchronet BBS List has the unique ability to check all of
        the nodes listed in it nightly to make sure they are actually
        responding if someone calls (note that it just means the port
        is open, not that there may be a BBS there).  There are over
        160 active Synchronet-based BBSes listed and that number changes
        slightly each night.

        Automatic maintenance is a site that uses special clients that telnetable
        BBSes run every five minutes to let the website know that they're
        "alive", so you can be assured that if you connect to a BBS that's
        listed on the website, it's active.

        For sysops: there are several BF clients to choose from on there,
        but there is not an OS/2-native one.  However, Shawn Highfield
        has written one and it is available at: or by
        email FREQ to with the subject "FREQ" and the
        message body "FREQ" (both without quotes).

     If you know of another -actively maintained- BBS list, please feel
     free to send me the information and I'll make sure it gets in here.


     FGAZ 1-04                    Page 6                   22 Oct 2007

                          FIDOGAZETTE INFORMATION

     FidoGazette is a weekly publication for the sysops of Fidonet.

     This newsletter has no association with the Fidonews and is
     edited and published by an independant editorial staff.

     Editor: Sean Dennis - 1:1/23 -

     For submission information, please FREQ FGAZSUB from 1:1/23 or
     send an email to with the subject line of
     FREQ and the message body of FREQ FGAZSUB.  If neither of those
     are workable for you, please send the editor a netmail and he
     will make sure you get what you need.

     Thank you for reading the FidoGazette.

     We welcome your submissions!  After all, this is for you, the sysop.