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FidoGazette Newslette
A  New Monthy Ezine for  Fidonet      

Fill out a simple form to join  Fidonet for access to Echomail, the FileGate file distribution.  Get access to discuss  topics with your friends!   It's easy to do, and now you can use Internet  protocols like BinkP or telnet in your mailers, or Modems to connect.  Read Policy 4.07, our guideline for membership


OS/2 Files

Get Connected!   Use  Internet Protocols  to Call Other nodes!

logo                                                                  Home of the IFDC FileGate Project(sm), PDN, Util*Net, and Fidogazette


ubbsOS2               Util*Net BBS Utilities for OS/2
UtilOS2                  Util*Net Utilities for OS/2
ezycom                  Ezycom Utils for OS/2/DOS
fwbbs                  OS/2 bbs files
fwcomm              OS/2 comm files
fwdrivrs               OS/2 drivrs files
fwfonts                OS/2 fonts files
fwgames             OS/2 games files
fwgraphx            OS/2 graphx files
fwlan                    OS/2 lan files
fwos2adm          OS/2 os2adm files
fwos2nfo            OS/2 os2nfo files
fwprog                OS/2 programming files
fwrexx                 OS/2 rexx files
fwsysutl              OS/2 system Utility files
fwutils                 OS/2 utils files