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  • FEB09.RAR 120505 6496k 0 OpenCOBOL v1.1 (Build Feb 2009) is an open-source COBOL compiler which translates COBOL programs to C code and compiles it using a native C compiler such as GCC. This version supercedes all previous versions including v1.0 and v1.1 Beta and is suitable for production purposes. Programs compiled from previous versions will need to be recompiled using this version prior to use. This package contains the following subdirectories: cobc COBOL compiler libcob COBOL run-time library binCOBOL driver program lib Helper routines for missing OS functionality config Configuration files po International messages texi Texinfo files tests Test suite All programs except those in lib and libcob are distributed unde the GNU General Public License. See COPYING for details. Programs in lib and libcob are distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. See COPYING.LIB for details. See AUTHORS for the author of each file. See README for installation and compiling instructions. See Changelog in each directory for changes.