Sun, 01 May 2011


From FidoGazette May Issue

"Buckwheat is Dead" Syndrome

Years ago, I believe in the early 1980's, Eddie Murphy created a character based on a character from the 1950's tv show, "The Little Rascal's".

Murphy's 'grown-up' "Buckwheat" was hilarious and the schtick took off on "Saturday Night Live", where Murphy introduced the character.

After a while though, Murphy grew weary of the repeated requests to "do Buckwheat... do Buckwheat" and so one day Murphy did what he had to do.. and Buckwheat was shot to death, assassinated if you will, on camera in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

That killed off the character. Kind of.

So many episodes played off the Buckwheat is DEAD! line.. for instance, the players would be participating in a "BUCKWHEAT IS DEAD" skit.. to be interupted by a newsflash stating, "YES, BUCKWHEAT is REALLY DEAD". Soon any news skit was interupted with the same.

Back then, the talented fellows in "Saturday Night Live" picked up on the media's hunger for death and dying and it was Eddie Murphy who was essentially was the one to slam the media where it hurt. Obviously with Osama Bin Laden's death this week, the media hasn't learned much.

But need I say it again...


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