Mon, 18 Jun 2018

Family Separations INHUMANE!

Make It Viral:Rep. O'Rourke: Family separation 'inhumane', 'Un-American

It Can't happen here...#2

But it IS... Stop Sessions!

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Posted by Björn Felten at Mon Jun 18 12:18:53 2018

Ouch! It really hurts a long time US lover like me (I'm Swedish) to read stuff like this.

I surely hope that the good people of the USA will be able to set things straight.

Take care y'all!  <3

Posted by Janis Kracht at Mon Jun 18 13:21:08 2018

Yes, Bjorn, it is horrible.  As a mother and grandmother, it's hard to even read some of the articles about this.  The more people know about this, the better.  Something must change AG Sessions and POTUS Trump... If we're lucky here in the U.S., the next election in the U.S. will see a swell of change.





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