Wed, 24 Feb 2016

Trump's Appeal to Republicans

The mainstream media seems to be at a loss to explain Trump's appeal to evangelicals but if you look at the history of GOP and evangelical voting it's not all the hard to explain. The GOP in general and evangelicals in particular always look for "The Daddy" in the primaries.

Jeb Bush is the adult version of the socially awkward high school kid who was loved by all his teachers but made fun of by his classmates.

Marco Rubio is older (I hesitate to say adult) version of the kid who had success with girls but who was just barely passing his classes.

Ted Cruz is the guy who everyone says is so very smart but you just know he spends his time in the attic picking the wings off flies.

Ben Carson is the friend of a friend who seemed like a nice enough guy until you actually started to talk with him and realized he was just barely this side of a tin foil hat.

John Kasich is the guy about whom your parents would say "You remember John. He used to live next store to us when you were little." You did't remember him from then and know that once he leaves you'll forget all about him.

In the Republcan party of a even a few years ago Donald Trump would have been the loud overbearing crazy uncle who everyone tolerates because they don't want to be left out of the will but who no one really likes much. This election cycle with the Fox News weaned electorate and the slate of characters running in the primaries Trump has morphed into the Daddy.

Written by a family member who wishes to remain nameless

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