Fri, 10 Aug 2012

Leo is Home

When we moved from Windsor NY to Slaterville Springs NY on July 14, 2012, Leo took off outside. In all the ensuing confusion going on around him, he pretty much reverted to his feral behavior.. And the more I tried to catch him, the further under our house he hid.

I checked with sources who trap wild animals in your home - but they said "no dogs or cats!" so I kept looking online for someone who could help us. Finally I came upon the Animal Care Council of Broome County. I emailed them pleading for help, because I knew that Leo was not the kind of cat that would typically survive for long alone outdoors. He'd always been the most needy of the kittens in his litter of four..

I was so relieved when in my email inbox, I found a reply from the ACC, saying they could help!

The ACC had me contact my neighbor Oscar, who lived right next door. This great fellow would be shown how to set the trap for Leo, and would check it to see if he'd been captured each day.

In the meantime, we were going back and forth from Slaterville Springs to Windsor, also trying to catch Leo.. I saw him run far off in the distance when he heard me calling his name - I could tell he was terrified since he wouldn't even come close to the house while I was there.

Finally, yesterday, July 31st, over 2 weeks after our move from Windsor, Oscar and the ACC called me to let me know a yellow long haired cat was in the have-a-heart cage :) We'd meet with the ACC's volunteer Linda that night in a town midway between Windsor and Slaterville Springs. When I saw Leo, I could tell by how pathetially skinny he was that we'd found in pretty much 'just in time'.

Thank you for Great Neighbors! and thank you for the ACC!

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Posted by Janis Kracht at Wed Aug 1 12:11:47 2012

I'll try to get some pics of the boy so you can see how skinny he is right now :(

Posted by janis kracht at Thu Sep 20 17:22:27 2012

new face for the blog...

Posted by Janis Kracht at Thu Sep 20 17:28:08 2012

Just a test...