Fri, 08 Jul 2011



Beat the whites until firm.   Mix mascarpone, sugar, yolks and then gradually incorporate the whites.   When the mix becomes creamy, add the chocolate chips (the chips should be bitter to contrast with the sweetness of the mascapone and eggwhite cream.  Pour a thin layer on the serving bowl (I usually serve it on a lasagna type of dish, which is not too deep).   Quickly soak the buiscuits in the coffe (mixed with marsala) and layer them on, adding some more cream on top.   Depending on how big the serving dish is, you may be able to make 2 layers of biscuits (try to make a thick layer between one layer of biscuits and the other);   in any case, remember to finish always with a layer of cream on top which you will sprinkle with cocoa powder.   You can make tiramisu a few days before your dinner party and freeze it.   If you do freeze it, it's best to top it with cocoa powder after it is defrosted.   Serves 10 people.

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