Fri, 28 Mar 2014

Shut It Down...

I'm reentering this one because I've been told that some international readers can't view the Huffington Post link to Jimmy Kimmel's great interview with people that I provided below. The new link in this entry should work for everyone, I hope :)

Republicans insist they will continue the shutdown of our govenment until President Obama gives in to their demands to delay or stop "Obamacare".

Thankfully Mr. Obama is not giving in to their demands.

A number of 'anti-obamacare' folks were interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel's late nght TV show, oh how I wish they'd get this on Prime Time News Lol. You have to see this clip:

Jimmy Asks Pedestrians Which they Prefer: Obamacare or The Affordable Care Act.

We can laugh at some of these people's obviously mis-informed, _parrot-type_ reactions to the questions given their pathetic answers to the interviewer here, but let's NOT forget the who is going to suffer until the Congress does it job:

...the children who will not be fed basic survival-level foods from the WIC program, or cancer patients who are unable to get Chemo-treaments, or our loyal members of the Armed-Services who are not going to get a paycheck.. That isn't even counting the employees of our National Parks, National Museums, and more whose offices have been forced to SHUT DOWN.

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Wed, 19 Mar 2014

Down and Down

Last week << Prism was down for about 4 days... My antiquated (oh I knew it was old) Dell 531s system just decided to go west.. either the powersupply or the mb decided it had had enough.

In either case, I got a new system, HP ENVY beatsaudio.. lots of memory and lots of drive space to fill up! No serial ports as is the norm these days.. and I've got to make some adjustments here to enable my U.S. Robotics Courier Modem... eventually.

Drives were unaffected so after dealing with built-in Win8, Linux was installed, drives put in place. After quite a bit of configuring various tools and software, the bbs was back up, following that, the ftp server and web server.. then my blog..

There is life after death after all

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