Thu, 12 Jan 2012

TDS Telecom

Today, I filed a complaint with the FCC against my telephone company, tds telecom.

Two months ago, TDS started charging what they call a "Two party Processing" fee in the amount of $2.90 if you pay your telephone bill with your telephone!

You won't be charged this fee if you pay by credit or debit card on their web site, and you won't be charged this fee if you pay by check via postal mail.

I WON"T pay on their website. The last time we did that, we were overcharged a month's billing... what crooks!

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Sun, 01 Jan 2012

Antique Collection

Fenton Vase? 1920 or so

Hazel Rose Pattern Mug, by SCIO, 1930-1950

Some pieces from the Scio Hazel Rose dishes.

Sterling silver salad fork made by International Silver post 1940, Blossom Time pattern.

Harmony House Wheat Garland pattern china with gold trim.

Harmony House Wheat Garland Dinner dishes with Gold trim.

These are cups and saucers in Harmony House Wheat Garland pattern with gold trim.

China Dinnerware with Gold Swirl decoration, red roses and yellow flowers.

Dinner plates, 8".

There are 8 dinner dinnes, 6 cups total and 8 saucers and a sugar bowl total.

This is the sugar bowl for the rose gold swirl set.

Interior of Rose Cup, reveals a rose

Hutch from about 1930. The manufacturer was later bought by Thomasville Furniture.

This is a really old chair (1700's) that one of Ron's uncles brought home from overseas during WW2.

Another pic of the 1700 chair.

chair4.jpg 051106 6k 3 (400x300x16M) Another shot of the old chair

Another shot of the detail of this chair.. Victorian era.

This is the bottom of "Leaf and Berry Bowl" by Indiana Glass. The berries and leaves are raised.

carnivaltop.jpg 050517 16k 3 (2032x1524x16M) "Leaf and Berry Bowl Carnival glass" by Indiana Glass company

"Iris and Herringbone" sherbert cup by Jeanette.

Crystal bowl, unknown maker.

Crystal bowl, unknown maker.

Phantasy ware.. beware this stuff.

Phantasy ware #2.. beware this stuff!

MacBeth-Evans Amber Depression Reeded Handle Pitcher.

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