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 File name     Date    kB  Dlds  Description  991212   84k    0 apogee / 3d realms faq v6.3             010228  157k    0 Apogee / 3D Realms Windows Icon Collection -
                                Feb 27, 2001 Update.  This archive contains
                                many Windows icons for various Apogee, 3D
                                Realms (as well as Pinball Wizards) games.
                                Freeware from Apogee Software.
  APORDER.ZIP  000403    7k    1 Current pricelist of apogee games  021220 3943k    0 Rise of the Triad (v1.3 CD Version) Source Code
                                Release - December 20, 2002. Copyright (C)
                                1994-1995 Apogee Software, Ltd. 991212   26k    0 xenophage faq v1.2